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[How to make delicious noodles?

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Hand noodle is a kind of pasta with high nutritional value. It is easy to digest and cure the stomach and intestines, and it can also supplement various nutritional values needed by the human body to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body.

The method of rolling noodles is very simple. You can do it at home. If you want to make it better, you can put some ingredients in the pot appropriately, such as shiitake mushrooms, green vegetables, and mustard shreds. This will improve the taste a lot.

First, the method of hand rolling noodles Main ingredients: flour, eggs, greens, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, mustard shreds, ginger shreds Ingredients: salt, chicken essence, pepper making: 1, flour, flour salt, eggs, cold water together into a dough, sayingSay: soft noodle dumplings, hard noodles, water can not be put more, the dough should be more firm; 2, after the dough is left for twenty minutes, knead with both hands, the longer the kneading time, the more vigorous the dough, and then use a rolling pin to roll into a thin sliceNoodles divided into half a centimeter; 3, put boiling water in the pot to boil, put the noodles in water and boil the noodles out; 4, heat the pan with oil, pour in shiitake mushrooms, stir-fry bamboo shoots, add water to boil, pourGreen vegetables, mustard shreds, ginger shreds; 5. After boiling again, add noodles and cook for a while, season with salt, chicken essence and pepper.

Second, production tips 1: The best flour for making hand-rolled noodles is high-gluten flour, followed by medium-gluten flour. Low-gluten flour is not suitable for hand-rolled noodles. When using high-gluten flour, the noodles are the most delicious but the rolling requires strength.Align. It is easier to roll when using medium flour. You can add eggs to increase the strength of the finished product. 2: Spinach juice can also be replaced with other vegetables, fruit juices, and water. When using spinach juice, try to use only pureVegetable juice, filtered vegetable residue can be added to eggs, salt, flour, etc. fried into small points to eat; 3: the dough can not be rolled out immediately, cover with plastic wrap moisturizing 饧 20-30 minutes, if the noodles onceToo much. When rolling separately, pay attention to covering the dough with a plastic wrap to keep the moisture from evaporating. 4: In principle, it is better to block the rolling pin, and use a uniform and penetrating force when rolling.Open, keep opening halfway, roll up, and change the direction of rolling, try to make the dough at the same force, uniform thickness, you can sprinkle a small amount of flour in the middle to prevent sticking; 5: rolling out the dough will helpYu stroked and found代Roll evenly, you can roll a few times at the beginning, it is best to achieve a uniform thickness of all the pasta; 6: Hand-rolled noodles will rise after cooking, so the rolling noodles should not be too thick, otherwise the finished product will be thicker and lower.It is suitable to be 1mm. When cutting the noodles, you can determine the width of the noodles according to everyone’s preference; 7: Cook the noodles with more water, and then lower the noodles after the water is boiling. Roll out too much noodles at one time, and you can add flour to shakeOpen, put in a tightly sealed fresh-keeping bag, fresh-keeping box, and freeze in the refrigerator. Eat as soon as you can.