Premature ejaculation in men is best to try Chinese medicine

Premature ejaculation in men is best to try Chinese medicine

Speaking of the word “premature ejaculation”, the male compatriots are very familiar.

Because there are premature ejaculations to varying degrees among the male siblings of many ages, this has not only affected the lives of husband and wife, but also bad for human health.

In order to truly become a strong man, many men who can premature ejaculation seek medical treatment. As a result, they went to many hospitals, saw many doctors, took too many medicines, and consumed less manpower, productivity, and financial resources. Premature ejaculation was still not effectively resolved, Causing the heart to be anxious.

  Some gay men may not know the true meaning of premature ejaculation.

Dr. Li Jun, chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Male Medicine in the Second Artillery General Hospital, said that premature ejaculation refers to sperm discharge when the intercourse time is extremely short, and even the sperm is discharged before it is inserted into the vagina.

Mostly caused by excessive intercourse and excessive masturbation, resulting in dark kidney consumption, insufficient kidney yin, and high relative fire.

Here, Director Li combines rich medical knowledge and clinical experience to introduce several methods to deal with premature ejaculation.

  Diet method 1.

100 grams of raw oysters, 30 grams of black beans, and 6 grams of schisandra.

Decoction with water, 1-2 times a day.


6 loach, 30 grams of hawthorn, salt.

After boiling, drink soup and eat loach, 1-2 times a day.


20 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 30 grams of lotus root, 30 grams of lotus seeds.

Decoction with water, 2 times a day.

  The method of solid exercise is sitting on the bedside, with the legs hanging down naturally, with the toes facing forward, with both hands straight on the legs, inhaling and raising the anus; exhaling and loosening the anus slowly, this is once, and so repeat 10-30 times.Good morning and evening.

  Composition of traditional Chinese medicine methods: 30 grams of yam, 20 grams of lotus seeds (to remove the heart), 15 grams of golden cherry seeds, 15 grams of dodder seeds, 15 grams of tribulus terrestris, 20 grams of medlar, 20 grams of huangjing, 15 grams of schisandra, 30 grams of raw keel, raw30 grams of oysters.

  Efficacy: nourishing kidney and replenishing essence, closing astringent to stop the leftovers.

  Indications: spermatorrhea of spermatozoa.

Symptoms frequently occur with nocturnal emission, or more than slippery, waist is sore, knees are weak, body is tired, tongue is weak, pulse is heavy.

Addition and subtraction: kidney yin stasis, red tongue and less Jinjin, pulse count, plus Ligustrum lucidum, 15 grams each of the mature land tonify the kidney and nourish yin; kidney yang weakness, cold and chill limbs, pale tongue and white fur, slow pulse, and lotusAdd Morinda citrifolia, 15 grams of antlers cream to fill the impotence.

  In addition, Director Li Jun reminded everyone that in the sexual life, in order to achieve the purpose of delaying ejaculation and improving the quality of sex, so that both parties are satisfied, both parties should also pay attention to the following 6 points: 1.

Before the ordinary and intercourse, the two sides should do the necessary emotional and sexual knowledge exchange.


Ejaculation can be delayed when both sides are in sideways or female positions.


When the woman’s vaginal discharge increases, insert the penis into the vagina, which can reduce the reduction and reduce the excitement.


Feasible “moving, stopping” technology: The penis stops for a few seconds after being inserted into the vagina, and then slowly moves; fast movement and slow movement are combined, more slowly and less quickly.


Feasible Chinese medicine “nine shallow and one deep” atrial surgery: the penis is shallow at the vaginal opening (front end), inserted deep at the bottom or deep of the vagina, shallow movement more than the number of deep movements.


You can wear a “double-layer” condom to reduce the sensitivity of the glans, continuous ejaculation, it is better to pull the foreskin to protect the glans and then wear a condom.

Five things you must know when learning yoga

Five things you must know when learning yoga

Yoga is becoming more and more popular, but for beginners, the street full of yoga can not help but be dazzled.

According to an article written by, if you plan to practice yoga, there are five things to know first:

Mindset is most important.

And a set of yoga practice clothes, a professional mat ratio, the most important thing is to have an open and peaceful mentality.

You should have no distractions when practicing.


Don’t have to pursue the ultimate.

You may have seen yoga practitioners twist their bodies like noodles, but just the best state of practice.

Even if you are inherently stiff, your body will become flexible through practice.

In addition, you should know that yoga does not pose a few postures, but also adjusts breathing and relaxes.


Don’t be shy about your figure.

People who practice yoga in advertising are slim, but they can practice yoga regardless of their waist circumference.

In fact, research shows that yoga can help people lose weight and avoid gaining weight.


Don’t visit the teacher blindly.

Yoga has been hot in recent years, but the market is mixed.

The movement with a history of 5,000 years can not be realized simply by learning.

In order to prevent potential bodily harm and to be misled, a professionally qualified and experienced teacher should be selected.


Find the right type of yoga for you.

There are many types of yoga, and not every yoga is right for you.

Each yoga studio offers a certain free experience class.

You can experience it before making a decision.

Experts teach you to fight off the eyes and aunt tablets_1

Experts teach you to fight off your eyes

For a long time, the problems around the eye area can be described as personal headaches.

I do n’t know when it will come out, nor will the small white particles fade.

Even the most refreshing eye care products did not improve.

Just seeing the needs of everyone around us, we decided to look into it and help you to remove the “illegal construction” around your eyes.

  Dialogue with medical experts to explore the misunderstanding of trace particles. Misunderstanding 1: The generation of trace particles is like eating too much to gain weight. This is because of excessive nutrition and some kind of moisturizing eye cream.

  Positive solution: Aunt ‘s scientific name is miliaria, which is actually a benign skin lesion, which is directly causal with the use of cosmetics.

The cause of its formation is also very complicated, some are related to heredity, and some are caused by skin micro-damage or skin disease.

  Misunderstanding 2: Your aunt is exclusive to the eye area, so you only need to take care of the eye area.

  Positive solution: It does happen to the eyes, and it is concentrated around the eyelids.

But if we are careful, we will find it on the forehead, cheeks, outer ears and other parts, but we are used to focusing our eyes around the eyes, or mistaken particles of misfortune elsewhere for other things.

This may also be related to the idea of the subconscious, because we have been receiving the education of “unfortunate grains are those little white spots that grow around the eyes”.

  Misunderstanding 3: My aunt must be related to cosmetics. Otherwise, why is my aunt good and bad, and I have changed cosmetics between?

  Positive solution: According to authoritative medical research, no one kind of cosmetic ingredient will directly cause trace particles. If there is a relationship between them, their relationship should be like this: cosmetic ingredient damage → skin damage → secondary nap.
  My aunt PK Moisturizing Eye Cream put these two on the PK stage because they are often regarded as hostile relationships, but is it really the cause?

  If you have to associate feces with cosmetics, then moisturizing eye cream is definitely not the enemy of auntie, although we have a very good set of inferences in the past that moisturizing eye cream can not make the skin around the eyes very strong because of its thick ingredients and reasonsGood absorption, accumulation of aunt grains over time.

This inference seems to be absent, because this inference acknowledges that the particles of misfortune may be the accumulation of something.

It ‘s a pity that the unfortunate grain is not accidental, but abnormal keratin. The commonly known unfortunate grain is actually a pictographic expression, because the first thought that extrudes in vain in our minds is unfortunate.Cutin accumulation.

  Keratin is a process of skin renewal. Irregular life. Seasonal changes and the effects of hormones will change the rate of keratin metabolism. Therefore, the accumulation of keratin is not only a result of poor absorption, but it is not as simple as washing.

  The fact is that the skin on the eyes is very thin, just like using oil to soak a thin piece of paper, so the absorption of cosmetics is the best, so the local thickening can also be absorbed well.

At the same time, because there is more activity here, thicker eye creams are more needed, because they can help regulate the skin of the eyes just as they are, and rich eye creams can also adjust the nature of this sensitive area, allowing them toThe inner is healthier, the inner is healthy, and the external problems will naturally decrease.

This is why some people will not adapt when they first use eye creams that are rich in nutrition and texture, but they will be completely changed if they stick to it.

  Then another question came out again, why do we mistakenly think that the thick eye cream will trigger the aunt grain?

This has to start with the way you use your eye cream. The bulky eye cream is often much longer than the refreshing eye cream in massage time, because we are always afraid of poor absorption, but with the encouragement of this idea, we will be unconscious.Increasing the intensity of the massage can easily cause serious damage to the fragile skin around the eyes. Aunt particles are often secondary to skin damage. Therefore, moisturizing eye cream is often used as a black bag for users’ own mistakes.
  Apply the right eye cream clockwise on the inner corners of the eyes, massage the upper eyelids, tails, and lower eyelids clockwise. It is advisable not to pull, even a rich eye cream 3-5 circles is sufficient.Chew-type absorption, but pay attention to the strength and full coverage of the belly, allowing nutrients to penetrate evenly into the inner layer. When nutrients cannot be evenly distributed, it will also lead to excessive nutrition in the skin, while the other part lacks nutrition.It may cause skin endocrine and metabolic disorders, and it may also trigger tiny particles.

  How should we prevent temporary granules? As mentioned above, there are two ways to produce aunt granules, innate and acquired.

If it is an innate factor, it has a lot to do with your physique and heredity, and cannot be reversed by ordinary means.

Acquired factors are mostly caused by micro-damage of the skin, which ruptures during the healing process, resulting in closed trace particles. For example, massaging or pulling the skin when exfoliating can cause skin damage, and such damage is generally difficult to find.

  In the usual care process, pay special attention to the slight damage to the skin or the technique of massage.

When you are using the product, if there is a slight tingling, then your skin is likely to have a wound. At this time, pay special attention to try not to allow skin care products to cover the wound site too much.

There are also popular massage techniques, and the intensity and position must be correct, otherwise it is easy to accidentally hurt the skin.

  In the final analysis, the basic moisturizing work must be the focus of the four seasons. If the foundation of the skin is laid, the absorption and discharge will be smooth, and the strong skin will not be easily damaged by external forces.It will be greatly reduced, and the problem of seed size will naturally be reduced a lot.

  What to do after the appearance of micro particles Micro particles are reflected in everyone’s symptoms are different, some people will be slowly absorbed, if you still have not subsided, you can only go to the hospital or a professional beauty salon to pick them out.

Experts suggest that if it is not the microgranules that are particularly serious or affect the normal life, try not to pick them out. This will add a wound on the basis of the minimal complications, and improper care will easily continue to cause new skin problems.

In medicine, unfortunately, it is a retention cyst. Even if you remove it, it cannot cure it.

  Wrong practice: Scrubs can exfoliate and of course apply to trace grains.

  Scrub products are mainly used to eliminate aging keratin and dirt by rubbing particulate matter with the skin. Improper use can easily cause slight damage to the skin. Therefore, it is recommended that the action be gentle when using it, especially in areas with slight particles.

Although my aunt is abominable, it is recommended that people without professional experience take a protection-oriented strategy. Do not ignore the sun protection measures of the eyes while doing eye care. This can reduce the damage to the skin of the eyes caused by ultraviolet rays.Give the injured skin a chance to heal itself.

  How to choose eye products: According to experts, it can be concluded that the thickness of the product has nothing to do with aunt grains.The product selection should focus on hydrating, strengthening the skin or adding repair effects.

If you are always worried about the burden, we recommend that you choose a moisturizing eye serum.

  If you still have problems with the seed, you should look for the problem from the inner layer of the skin. Is it because the hydration work is not done well or the skin is stimulated too much?

Hypertension signals from the body with too much exercise

Hypertension signals from the body with too much exercise

Here, I want to tell those who are struggling on the road to fitness.

In fitness activities, when you find abnormal feelings, you should suspend the activity, seek medical treatment, or consult an expert.

  Self-feeling is a natural reaction of living organisms and a signal of changes in the human body.

Self-feeling is divided into normal feeling and abnormal feeling.

Normal feelings often include thirst, hunger, sleepiness, fatigue, cold, heat, swelling, pain, numbness, etc. These feelings can be eliminated by changing the conditions.

  Pay attention to the following abnormal feelings during fitness activities: 1.

Dizziness: In fitness activities, you don’t feel dizzy except when you start practicing some rotations.

If persistent or short-term dizziness occurs, it is bound to be reluctant to move.

Especially middle-aged and elderly people should stop activities and seek medical treatment, especially focusing on cardiovascular system and cervical examination.


Headache: Headaches occur during or after all physical activities.

When a headache occurs, you should stop activities and focus on nerve and cardio-cerebral vascular system examinations.


Wheezing: Wheezing is a normal phenomenon during exercise. Asthmatics of varying degrees occur after different intensities of exercise, and can return to normal after rest. This is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Asthma if you are lightly active and you can’t recover after a long rest. This is an abnormal phenomenon.

Should stop activities, focus on respiratory examinations, diagnosis and treatment.


Thirsty: It is normal to feel thirsty after exercise.

If you drink too much water, you are still thirsty and urinate too much. This is an abnormal phenomenon and you should check the retinal function.


Hunger: Appetite increases after exercise, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

However, if the food intake increases rapidly and persists, the endocrine department should be examined for pancreatic secretion.


Anorexia: After intense exercise, you don’t want to eat for a while, and your appetite is good after rest, which is normal.

If you do not want to eat for a long time and anorexia is abnormal.

Check for digestive function.


Boredom: It is normal for fatigue and boring to occur after fitness activities. Generally, you should recover after about 15 minutes of rest after an activity. If you cannot recover for several days, it indicates that the amount of exercise is not adapted and you can reduce the amount of activity.

If the amount of fine activity persists and is dull, check the liver and circulatory system.


Pain: People who have just started to move, people who have stopped moving for a long time and resumed activities, or change the content of new activities, will cause muscle soreness in a certain part, which is normal.

Although sore, it generally does not cause dysfunction.

If there is pain or joint dysfunction in or near the joint, it is not normal, and you should stop moving and check whether the joint is sick.

  At the same time, pay attention to abnormal feelings such as numbness and swelling according to personal physical characteristics. Do not exercise too much during exercise. Teenagers and children can exercise to sweat. For middle-aged and elderly people, they only need to feel warm, sweat slightly and feel comfortable.Do not blindly exercise a lot in order to improve your body’s immunity.

A large amount of research data shows that proper physical exercise enhances the body’s immunity, and excessive exercise will reduce the body’s immunity.

From solo games to group games

From solo games to group games

When you think back to your childhood, the shadow of the game will definitely appear in your mind.

  In fact, the significance of games for childhood is not just about playing, it is more about the impact on the development of a person’s life.

Children can have fun in games, learn to abide by rules, interact with others, think independently and solve problems, and let their minds develop fully.

do you know?

As children grow older and their lives continue to expand, children will gradually transition from the initial “solitary play” stage to the “group play” stage.

     The solo game stage mainly appears before the age of two.

  During this period, the baby’s vision and hearing develop rapidly, so the “feeling game” is the main form of the baby’s game. For example, the baby is happy when he sees a beautiful windmill, and feels happy when he hears the sound of a rattle.

This kind of games is good for cultivating your baby’s attention and making her actively adapt to external life.

  Love reminder: At the stage of baby playing alone, you must try to choose toys with bright colors or sounds for your child, and often change toys for children, change the place of play, and let the baby fully enjoy the fun of playing alone.

In addition, you should also take safety measures and be careful not to let dangerous items be used as toys by your baby, such as medicines, cosmetics, cigarettes, nails, needles, and cups that replace boiling water.

     From about two years old, the baby gradually transitions from the solo play stage to the group play stage.

  Group games are two or more children playing together, but the experience of playing alone is the basis of group games.

Babies who have experience playing alone have even active and active play abilities in the collective.

  In the group game stage, there are three main types of baby games, namely “parallel games”, “imitation games” and “creation games”, which are respectively associated with different ages.

  ”Parallel play” This is a common way of playing when your baby has just transitioned to group play.

It seems that the baby is playing with other children, but in fact they are playing each other, there is no communication and cooperation between them.

  Love reminder: Parents should try to let the baby play with the children as much as possible during this time, and encourage them to talk with their peers and play a toy or a game together, so that the baby gradually get rid of the habit of relying on parents, so as to find fun in group games.

     ”Imitating games” generally appear at the age of three to four. The content of the games mostly imitates some situations in adult social life, such as imitating the practice of adults to run stores and run hospitals.

In the game that imitates social life, they constantly understand things, explore the world, communicate with each other, and inspire each other. At the same time, they also learn in the game that everyone follows certain rules in the game.

  There are too many children who understand the connection between you and me in the game, learn the basic communication skills of making toys and borrowing toys from each other, and some children have learned how to control their emotions and behaviors and how to help childrenPartners, etc.

  Reminder of love: 1. The child especially loves to ask questions during this period. Adults should try to give the child a satisfactory answer, not perfunctory for fear of trouble, and actively guide all kinds of small problems that the child has in the game, so that the child alwaysKeep a heart of exploration.

  2. The imitation game stage is an important period for the development of children’s games. Parents are best to create good conditions for their children so that children can fully display their imitation skills.

  3、父母可以为孩子选择一些可供发展手眼协调能力的玩具,如娃娃最好有四肢、眼睛能转动、衣服能穿脱等’  让孩子在游戏中更好地理解周围的事物、人以及人Relationship with people.

  ”Creation games” mostly appear around the age of five or six. During this period, children’s understanding ability has improved rapidly, they can seriously think, gradually sprout independent sprouts, began to pay attention to the shape of the object with few colors, and the savings are more concentrated.Focus on fun games for a long time.

  At this time, children are no longer satisfied with simple imitations of social life.

他们开始能够零零碎碎的讲述小时候的故事,能够用积木创造出人和动物的形象,能够用粘土非常合理地造出房子的轮廓’做出大象的鼻子、动物的脑袋、人的双手and many more.
  Reminder: 1. At this time, adults can choose some intellectual toys for children, such as plasticine, building blocks, intellectual disassembly and assembly vehicles, drawing boards, calculation toys, etc.

  2, you can choose some simple chess and ball activities, so that children’s intelligence and motor skills develop at the same time.

     The age of 6 or 7 is the school age for children, which marks the end of the life of games-led activities and the beginning of the life of students who are involved in learning activities.

The game has since given way to more important learning activities.

  Childhood is the age of play, in which children begin to accumulate the first life experience.


Haven’t seen this, do you dare to know Xiaofei Shengjian?

Haven’t seen this, do you dare to know Xiaofei Shengjian?

Dry in the fall, prone to heat, it is irritating.

At this time, you need to go to the food, you can enjoy the mood, and the health effect.

As a person who loves to play food cards, the fried omelet will not miss the famous net red sauté.

Just meet the raw fried bag and go out to the pot, don’t wait to get hot and fried.

Dry it for a few minutes, sell well, the skin is crispy, the stuffing is fresh, the soup is full, and there is no leaking soup.

Before eating, drink the soup with a straw. If you don’t lick the vinegar, you won’t get tired. The bite will be very tender and broth. The meat is good, the frying is just right, and the bottom is very crispy and tasteful.

I like to smell the faint scent of sesame. The hot fried rind is crisp and delicious, but be careful.

The duck blood soup is full of ingredients and is expected to be solid. The duck intestines are very clean and crisp. The ducks and ducks are very fresh. The soup is very flavorful. The soup is delicious and delicious.It is very suitable to be a friend of Guangdong stomach.

Blessed diners who taste light and like the original ingredients, spicy friends can eat hot sauce.

And the group purchase is not expensive, the taste is delicious, the value is real, and the cost performance is super high.

The glutinous rice simmered in the glutinous rice slab, the glutinous rice granules that fully absorb the sauce are distinct, and the top is topped with a layer of tomato sauce, which is rich in taste, delicate, soft and delicious.

The braised pork ribs soup is smooth and fragrant, the noodles are cooked just right, the tendons are strong, and there is a toughness.

The pork ribs sauce is delicious, the chewing head juice is rich in meat, the boss is more generous, and the N has more ribs.

In a word, the soup is fresh and worthy!

The pot paste stick is usually half-filled, crescent-shaped, the bottom is dark yellow, crisp, the skin is soft and firm, and the filling is delicious.

It is exquisitely made, tastes delicious, and can be seasoned with different vegetables.

There are many people who can’t tell the difference between pot and fried dumplings. They think it is the same. In fact, there are essential differences between the two methods.

The fried dumplings are cooked first and then boiled, or cooked first and then fried. In short, this machine is indispensable.

The pot stick can only be fried, never boil, during which you need to constantly turn the pot and uncover the lid to avoid sticking the pot.

Filled with soup, dumplings, as the name suggests, is a kind of steamed buns, but there is soup.

Why is this?

The soup is in the stuffing, the meat is placed in the stuffing before the bag, and the steam is steamed through the cage drawer, and the meat is frozen and not leaked.

Fill the soup bag to pay attention to the soup can not leak, the buns stick to the non-stick cage drawer, it is all about master craftsmanship.

Xiaofeisheng decoction soup bag not only has a beautiful form, but its content is exquisite and chic. The meat stuffing and fresh soup coexist in one room. If you eat it, you will eat noodles, eat meat and eat soup. It is an integrated charm.

Eat the soup buns, the presence of the soup ranks first, the meat is second, and the dough is second.

“Good to eat but dumplings”, dumplings are often boiled with dough and stuffed with water, thin skin filling, vinegar, sauce can be greasy and taste.

Honey citron tea, sour plum juice push honey citron tea, N times better than the drink shop, sweet and fragrant!

A big bottle, half of the six fried sautéed bags, too conscience!

Although it is not the main push, there is no discount at all.

Sour plum juice, also known as sour plum soup, is a kind of folk hot summer drink. It has the effect of exhaling appetite, quenching thirst and quenching thirst. It is best to eat a lot of spicy snacks.

There are red bean porridge, cool skin and so on are also good, eat must not miss 哒~~ I heard that the collection of seven, you can summon the dragon, all seven, you swollen yet?

Beat three bad habits and return your sexy lips_1

Beat three bad habits and return your sexy lips

Guide: A pair of sexy and plump lips will not only add charm to women, but also make people look more mature and sexy.

However, some small habits in our teens that we did not pay attention to have greatly reduced our beauty lips. Only by changing these bad habits can we restore our sexy lips. Let ‘s take a look at them together.

  The factors that make lips beautiful are greatly reduced: 1, licking lips and licking lips will only bring a short-term moisturization. When these lip moisture evaporates, it will take away more moisture inside the lips, and the result is that the more you lick, the more cracked the more pain.

Therefore, be sure to get rid of your habit of licking your lips or moistening your lips with saliva.

  2, lack of vitamin partial eclipse or incorrect weight loss methods easily lead to lack of vitamins, the most obvious external feature is chapped lips.

Therefore, you should usually add more vitamins and eat more fruits and vegetables to make your lips more moist.

  3, a large amount of water inside the body or talking too much and dry mouth, will lead to dry lips, making the lips or the corners of the mouth pile of waste skin.

Drink plenty of water and wash your lips to keep your skin clean.

  Message from the editor: The moist and shiny lips not only make women feminine, but also reflect a woman’s beauty, sexy, mature and noble.

Therefore, we must protect our lips.

4 ways to save oil on the end

4 ways to save oil on the end

“Gosh, you can use the oil on your face for cooking!

“If you’ve heard friends describe you that way, believe me, even if your makeup is as beautiful as you can be, it’s invincible.

Here are 4 coups to save the “Turbo”, you can get rid of the oil troubles immediately!

  What to do with bladder oil?


Oily nose?

Because you haven’t exfoliated seriously, in fact, it’s not enough just to remove the oil on the surface of the skin.

Blackheads caused by excessive keratinization of pores will make skin oil secretion more vigorous.

Regular gentle exfoliation is an accelerated “degreasing” Dafa.

  When buying products, you can buy salicylic acid and its derivatives, which can effectively restrain the sebaceous glands and inhibit skin oil from the source.

In addition, these active ingredients can also clean up the trash in the pores and the old waste keratin accumulated around it, while suppressing the secretion of oil, it also has a gentle exfoliating effect.


The cleansing mask can be used once a week to remove turbidity and deep clean once a week, which can effectively remove the oil from the pores.

Most cleansing mask products on the market contain kaolin, silicon and other ingredients, which can absorb oil and fat.

  However, it should be noted that these products have strong cleaning power and the skin feels very dry.

If the skin’s oil and water secretion is still in an imbalanced state and cannot be improved, it will stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil, so it is suitable for use in areas where the oil in the T area is relatively strong.

Also, pay attention to hydrating after deep cleaning.


The oil is produced because of the lack of water in the skin and dermis, which is a powerful hydration. If your oil control work only works on “oil”, that is not enough!

Many people think that oil control products use oil control products, but in fact that will only stimulate the skin to produce more oil, usually we only need to use moisturizing products.

When the dermis is no longer dry, the oil out phenomenon is naturally alleviated.

  Women over 25 years of age will have oil in the T zone, and the problem of excess oil during the physiological period is caused by severe skin dehydration.


The effect of Taomi Shui on the oil skin is very good. Put the white rice in clean water and scrub repeatedly, then pour the Taomi water, and then add clean water to scrub the rice repeatedly, leaving a second Taomi water.

Keep the water in the refrigerator overnight and add an appropriate amount of water to wash your face the next day. The effect is very good.

Cordyceps whole duck

Cordyceps whole duck

[Source]Folk recipe[Raw materials]Cordyceps sinensis 10 grams of old male duck 1 wine wine ginger onion white pepper salt and MSG[appropriate]1.

Slaughter the ducks, remove the wool piles and internal organs, clean them, chop off the claws, scoop them in boiling water, and remove them to cool; wash the Cordyceps with warm water; cut the ginger and green onions for use.


Split the duck head along the neck, take 8-10 cordyceps, put it into the duck’s head, and then wrap it with cotton thread. Put the rest of the cordyceps and ginger and green on the duck’s belly together, then put it in the pot and pour clear soupSeason with salt, pepper, cooking wine, seal the mouth of the bowl with wet tissue paper, and put it in the basket-steam for about 2 hours. Remove the tissue paper from the basket, remove the ginger, light green, and add MSG.

  [Usage]Accompany meals.

  [Efficacy]nourish the lungs and kidneys and benefit the essence.

It is suitable for asthma, asthma, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, impotence nocturnal emission, weak waist and knees, and chronic asthenia.

A few points to add baby food supplements

A few points to add baby food supplements

Tips to help your baby adjust to groceries when your baby grows to 4?
At 6 months, the original mother’s milk or infant formula is no longer sufficient to provide the nutrients the baby needs, and at this time the Daddy Mommy can start to give the baby food.

  At this time, it is normal for the baby to adapt and eliminate. Daddy and Mommy don’t have to worry too much. How to make the baby fall in love with non-staple food, Wei Binhui provides tips for helping the baby adapt.

  From thin to thick, step by step, don’t be too anxious. Daddy must have a step-by-step plan for supplementary foods for the baby. Don’t just hope that the baby can fully accept it. You must slowly adjust it according to the baby’s growth.The vegetable soup started. Even if the baby only ate one tablespoon at first, it was a successful attempt, and then slowly from the liquid (soup) → semi-liquid (paste) → semi-solid (mud) → solid gradually increased.

  Try something new at a time Daddy Mommy can try a new thing at a time, try 2?
Adding new ones after 3 days will not cause frustration on both sides.

  If your baby does n’t like this food, Daddy ‘s mom does n’t need to force feeding, you can consider whether the baby does n’t like the taste, or the side food is too hard, too thin and too thick. If forced feeding may cause the baby to cause food in the future, it may be better to change it firstNew food, put it over, adjust the food cooking method, and let the baby try again.

  Bao Shi special tableware, feeding spoon with Daddy Mommy can prepare cute special tableware for babies, increase the baby’s interest in eating, and let the baby develop a fixed habit, and be sure to let the baby get used to eating with a spoon to gradually replace the bottle.
  Eat groceries first, then drink milk Many daddy moms change to groceries, such as: rice, malt extract is added to formula milk. This is the wrong way. Maybe you missed the problem of adapting your baby to the new food and eating with a spoon.Opportunity.

The feeding order is recommended to allow the baby to eat groceries first, and then drink milk, to avoid babies who are unwilling to try groceries after drinking milk.