Exercise morning and evening to strengthen a small heart and liver

Exercise morning and evening to strengthen a small “heart and liver”

Men’s physical and psychological factors often determine that most men have to assume more responsibilities and work, and their occupational characteristics, living habits, and hobbies often cause them to be plagued by various diseases.
Yang Guohua, chief physician of Wangjing Hospital’s internal medicine department, said that men are susceptible to the following diseases: 1.
Coronary heart disease The incidence of coronary heart disease in men is much higher than that in women. Men’s physical reasons often lead to their irritability. In addition, they have greater pressure and stress at work, so they tend to have high blood pressure.
And men generally like to eat meat, coupled with regular smoking and drinking, these are the reasons for coronary heart disease.
Ulcers and ulcers are more common in men, which is related to the fact that men smoke and drink more and have an uncontrolled diet.
Moreover, due to occupational factors, the spirit is in a state of tension for a long time, so it is susceptible to ulcers.
Liver diseases: Males have more communicative entertainment, drink more, and pay less attention to food hygiene due to work or personality reasons, so they have more hepatitis.
And men become chronic after suffering from hepatitis, leading to worsening of their condition.
Respiratory diseases: There are many male smokers, and the incidence of chronic bronchitis and emphysema is more common in men.
Smoking is the culprit behind lung cancer.
Smoking and drinking are important causes of laryngeal cancer.
  In addition, experts have suggested that men with common illnesses in some offices cannot escape.
If you enter a modern office, you will feel chest tightness and headache. As you get into the afternoon, you will have a severe office sickness. After working for a while in the computer, you will feel neck and shoulder pain, and the neck, shoulder and wrist syndrome will not turn.Computer vision with blurred vision, decreased vision, and dry eyes, itching, burning, pain, and photophobia; pain in one part of the body, or workplace depression in fatigue, sleeplessness, inability to eat, and weight loss.
  Most of the OFFICE gentlemen are people who go home from work. They are full of food and drink. The most unhealthy thing is to lie on the sofa and watch TV endlessly.
Instead of doing this every day, it’s better to take two nights a week to go to the pool for a night show.
Studies have found that all aerobic fitness exercises have weight loss effects, but exercise with hands and feet is superior.
Skiing, swimming, basketball, and mountain climbing are particularly effective at consuming fat.
But the average person should take short time and small amount of exercise as the primary conditions at night.
  In the case of working late at night, the choice of meals is very important.
Don’t overdo foods that are easy to digest and contain vitamins and proteins, such as milk, porridge, pasta, egg soup, etc. At this time, blood will be concentrated in the stomach to help digestion, which may easily cause adverse reactions such as drowsiness, stomach pain, and unclear thinking.Is a harm to the body.
  早慢跑午打球晚游泳  综合锻炼抵抗多种疾病  慢跑  进行轻松的慢跑运动,能增强呼吸功能,可使肺活量增加,提高人体通气和换气能力,使心肌增强、增厚,具有锻炼心脏、保护心脏Role.
  At the same time, jogging can increase blood flow and increase blood vessel elasticity, and has the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis and improving blood circulation.
  Jogging can also cause the human body to generate a low-frequency vibration, which can exercise the smooth muscles of blood vessels, thereby increasing the tension of blood vessels, removing the deposits on the blood vessel walls through vibration, and preventing the accumulation of blood lipids on the blood vessel walls.It is of great significance in the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  Relax and relieve fatigue. The best exercise after lunch is non-intense ball games-table tennis, tennis, badminton, etc.
When the line of sight moves up and down, left and right, and high and low, the ciliary muscles and extraocular muscles continue to relax and contract, which promotes blood supply and metabolism of the eyeball tissue and has the function of improving vision.
  Swimming When swimming, all organs participate in it, which consumes a lot of energy, and blood circulation is also accelerated to provide more nutrients for sports organs.
An increase in blood speed will increase the load on the heart, make it beat faster, and contract more powerfully.
People who swim often have good heart function.
  The water temperature of the swimming pool is usually 26 ° C to 28 ° C. Soaking in water quickly dissipates heat and consumes a lot of energy.
In order to replenish the heat emitted by the body as soon as possible for the needs of cold and heat balance, the nervous system responds quickly, accelerates the body’s metabolism, enhances the body’s ability to adapt to the outside world, and resists cold.
  In addition, when the body is directly immersed in water during swimming, the water not only has great resistance, but also has very good thermal conductivity and fast heat dissipation, so it consumes a lot of heat.
Exercising in the water will make many people who want to lose weight do more with less. So swimming is one of the most effective exercises to maintain your figure.
  In addition, breathing mainly depends on the lungs. Swimming can make people develop respiratory muscles, increase their bust, increase their vital capacity, and open more alveoli during inhalation, smooth ventilation, which is extremely beneficial to health.

How to add baby food supplements

How to add baby food supplements

It is the wish of every mother to make her baby nutritious and healthy.

Therefore, after the baby enters the complementary food period, mothers will always go to great lengths to help the baby collect all kinds of ingredients, however, not all ingredients are suitable for the baby.

The Air Force, some foreign media have published articles to select the 10 best baby food supplements.

We together look.

. 10 kinds of best baby food supplements Vegetables: pumpkin, lentils, green leafy vegetables, broccoli According to foreign media reports, pumpkin tastes sweet and tastes smooth, supplemented with vitamin A and vitamin C, it is suitable for babies over 6 months.
Lentil protein and dietary fiber can be mixed with rice and vegetables and fed to your baby after cooking.

Spinach, kale and other dark green leafy vegetables are mixed with iron and folic acid, which can be mixed into oatmeal for infants.

Broccoli can absorb acids, precipitate fibers and calcium, and its rich sulfides can bring more novel experiences to the baby’s taste.

  Fruits: Blueberry, avocado, prune, and tangerine nutritionist Lynn Cooper said that avocado means unsaturation by chance, nutrition is similar to breast milk, and it is good for baby’s brain development.

Blueberries are expected to have anthocyanins, which are great for infants’ vision, brain development, and urinary health.

In addition, prune can help relieve the baby’s constipation, while tangerine uses vitamin C and antioxidants, and its sweet and sour taste is loved by babies.

  Others: Yogurt and meat In addition to vegetables and fruits, meat and dairy products are also indispensable.

“Yogurt, calcium and vitamin D are good for bone and tooth development,” said Nancy Hudson, a professor of nutrition at the University of California, Davis.

“At the same time, yogurt can also help regulate the number of beneficial bacteria in the baby’s digestive tract and enhance immune system function.

Meat is an important source of zinc and iron. Stew meat has various methods and is easy to chew. It is very suitable for infants.

  After reading the above introduction, I believe that the mothers are already eager to move and want to start making complementary foods.

So, are there any tools that can help us?

Let’s continue looking down.

  Come, come and make complementary food at home!

  As a good handy mother, how about a few good dishes?

However, the baby’s complementary food is not the same as the adult food. Even without seasoning, you need to chop all the ingredients to smash the horse. It is really tiring without a good arm.

Is there any good tool to help?

  Complementary food grinder

Supplementary food scissors The complementary food grinder and complementary food scissors are very practical complementary food processing tools. They are mainly used to process cooked ingredients. They can be seen in many families with children.

Among them, the supplementary food grinder can grind the ingredients into a paste, which is suitable for older babies.

The complementary food scissors cut the ingredients into a relatively large shape, which is more suitable for older babies.

  Complementary food machines Complementary food machines usually consist of various functions such as “cooking, stirring, shredding”, etc., which can help mothers complete the work of making complementary foods with one click.

Many families have better financial conditions, but parents have to be busy with work, and those who do not have enough time to take care of their babies will choose to buy complementary food machines.

A good food supplement machine can also set the cooking time according to the ingredients to meet the slight needs of mothers.

  Yogurt maker Yogurt maker is a popular household appliance that allows mothers to easily prepare yogurt at home.

Many mothers feel reassured that they control the quality of raw materials and the hygienic conditions of the production process.

The process of making yogurt only takes three steps: 1.

Add milk and starter or 10% raw yogurt and stir well; 2.

Add it to the yogurt machine and cover the lid; 3.

Turn on the power, press the switch, and wait for 8-12 hours.

Delicious and nutritious yogurt comes out!

  Walk around and buy finished foods together!

  Pumpkin, lentils, broccoli, blueberries, avocados (ie avocados), etc. These ingredients can be found in the vegetable market on weekdays. It is quite convenient to buy them directly to make baby food.
But when it comes to Ximei, where should we find this relatively rare ingredient?
Just walk around, let’s go directly to the finished food supplement area.

  If your baby is suffering from constipation, Xi Mei will definitely be a favorite of TA.

Because plums are very rich in fiber, the laxative effect is naturally dripping. Many mothers like to prepare a few cans of plums at home to help relieve the baby’s constipation.

A mother once communicated with the editor and said that the price of finished food supplements is too expensive, so they usually make complementary foods for the babies themselves.

Only Ximei, a relatively rare ingredient, would choose to buy a finished product, just to change the taste of the baby.

  The editor said: In addition to the plum puree, moms can also buy other complementary foods made from healthy fruits and vegetables.

Although these 10 kinds of ingredients are implanted by foreign media as the most suitable food for babies, moms don’t need to go to extremes.

Under the premise of ensuring safety, letting your baby try different vegetables and fruits will help your baby’s nutritional balance.

Antiaging Platelet Spectrum-Sesame White Sugar Paste

Antiaging Platelet Spectrum-Sesame White Sugar Paste

[Source]Folk medicated recipe[Raw materials]500 grams of sesame, moderate sugar.

  [Production]Pick out the sesame seeds, put them into an iron pan and stir-fry with gentle heat, then cool them.

  [Serving method]2 tablespoons at a time, put into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and rinse with boiling water.

  [Efficacy]Tonic blood, nourish liver and kidney, black hair, grow muscle, fill essence.

It is suitable for regular adjustment to prevent premature aging; dryness, cough, dry skin, premature whitening of liver and kidney yin deficiency, and constipation in the elderly.

How to face a marriage that lacks communication

How to face a marriage that lacks communication

In marriage, it is more important to learn to move yourself than to move others.

  Short troubles in the parents Lu Jing-I’m not an arrogant person, but I still yearn for a feeling of enthusiasm. As soon as I entered the subway station, I saw the bright roses.Raised high, in the world of gray and black winter clothes, gorgeously blooming.

My heart flickered through the carriage and felt very moved.

Today is the four-year anniversary of my wedding. It is a good sign to see such a great flower, although I don’t know the person who took it.

How wonderful!

  But this good thing didn’t happen to me.

  As soon as he got out of the subway station, he saw that he was standing in the wind, carrying a huge plastic bag in his hand, which was full of books.

I said, why are you buying so many books today?

How can you go shopping with such heavy stuff?

  He was aggrieved: It wasn’t that you suddenly decided to go shopping. I was reading at the bookstore downstairs in our unit. When I heard that you wanted to go shopping before eating, I hurried over and was afraid I was late.

It turned out early. I waited for more than ten minutes.

  I stomped my book bag, got it!

Don’t go anywhere, it’s impossible to go shopping with such a heavy load.

  That meal made me feel bad.

The bag of books became a topic that I repeatedly entangled, and the more I said, the more angry I became.

  He’s all right. He laughed at me even though I was angry.

  I had to go home after dinner.

Recently, I was exhausted from work, but it was a commemorative day on the weekend, but I could n’t even go shopping, because he bought a bag of inexplicable books.

  I don’t know when he will go out and he will be back soon.

Hagendas tried to hold a double ball.

  I just went to the supermarket to buy a battery and I saw your favorite chocolate bicolor ball.

  I told myself: I’d be happy to take that Haagen-Dazs.

  But I can’t do it.

Eating ice cream on such a cold day, and I need a new coat.

  Yao Chao-I did it for her, she ignored everything. If Lu Jing saw everything I did today, I don’t know if she would be so angry.

  Almost all the books she hated in the bag were bought for her.

  I deliberately got off work early today.

Because my unit is far from the suburbs.

While waiting for the bus, I turned into the bookstore next to me and found many books that Lv Jing needed.

She has been exacerbated by her recent work, and these books are perfect for her.

When she picked up the book, she called and said that she wanted to go shopping. I wanted to see it early. I hurried off and called the car. It was too cold. Let her wait for me at the subway.

  Actually, today is our wedding anniversary and I want to see her earlier.

Instead, I can only use a joking tone when eating, and let her stare at me, saying: I hate it, see me sooner?

  And these poor books became the culprits.

She didn’t look at it.

  The feeling of disappointment is contagious. She didn’t want to go shopping, so we had to go home.

  I bought Haagen-Dazs in the supermarket downstairs because I wanted to make her happy.I don’t want to make her angry.

  But she snatched the ice cream and threw it in the refrigerator, then suddenly crying and getting away, and she was very miserable.

  What does she want?

  I think we are happy, but she always seems unhappy.

Why is that?

The feeling of happiness and happiness is to find it by myself. I think this is the most different place between Lu Jing and me.

  Bruce husband and wife empathize with Mr. Bruce-this is a marriage that lacks communication. Their story really inspired my sympathy for marriage. He and she have lived together for four years. They still cannot understand each other, cannot foresee each other ‘s behavior, and cannot perceive each otherPsychological needs.

  Where do I think this man is lacking?

First, if you want to buy a book for your wife to make the other person have unexpected surprises, then you cannot ignore the joy you expect from your wife.

There is no happiness in expectation, nor will there be unexpected surprises, because at this time the unexpected joy can only reduce the price as a compensation for the lack.

  Second, Xiaoyao has a lot of time to explain and let the other party know his intentions, but he chose silence.

His subconscious desires his wife to make mistakes or guilt!

On the surface, it is a degree of existence. In fact, it hurts one’s emotions by hurting oneself unconsciously.

Third, Xiao Yao said that he bought books for his wife. I’m afraid that only half of them are right. What gifts to buy represent people’s values. On the wedding anniversary, they buy books. Although they are books that the other party needs, half are also satisfying themselves.Need for value.

  Mrs. Bruce-Despite the lack of communication, it is still moving!

I do not agree with Mr. Brue at all. Xiao Yao Xiaolu’s marriage moved me. We can see the charm of marriage from them and see that both people have great tolerance and kindness when facing differences.

Xiao Lu distressed her husband who was trembling in the cold wind, distressed that he carried such a heavy book and gave up the planned shopping, even though her love was realized through disappointment.

Xiaoyao was bullied by his wife. He would rather endure the grievances and talk with laughter to resolve each other’s unhappiness. Although he did not succeed, the motivation was pure.

  Real marriage is somewhat naive, simple and stupid, and what feels unequal and irrational in the eyes of others is likely to be Zhou Yu’s yellow cover-be willing to be beaten, be willing to be beaten.

  Mr. Bru – Of course, to do to make the other party happy. If Xiao Yao sees his wife ‘s loss, he immediately buys a bunch of bright red roses, expresses his regret, and then places the book in a flower shop. Things may happen.There is a big turnaround.

Wait until after telling her that the book was bought for her, can you not let Xiao Lu be touched!

A two-color ice cream, and also said to buy it by the way, is he really so afraid to let the other party know that he loves her?

Do you always hide your true intentions to make each other happy?

  Mrs. Bruce-But too much consistency cannot be pursued in marriage. If Xiao Yao really thinks like Xiao Lu hopes, then acting is not necessarily good for marriage.

One potential competition in marriage is the desire to change the person you love.

This subconscious competition makes marriage lively and fun.

One day, whoever succeeds in transforming each other will have no interest in marriage. Love means conquest, aggression, and division.

Loving the two parties still allows the other party to maintain some differences in spirit, life, interests, and values.

  Mr. Bru-You can draw a list in advance for romance. Of course, Lu Jing also makes me wonder.

Xiao Yao is his own choice. At first, maybe you just looked after him for his stability, stability, and no fuss. He followed his marriage with a great sense of security.

Be predictable for such a husband. If you think that roses are essential for wedding anniversary, you should give him a gift list in advance to prepare Xiao Yao.

  Mrs. Bruce – The living conditions of two people determine different requirements for romance. In fact, from another perspective, the marriage between the two is still smooth, and there is harmony in disharmony.

It feels that this young couple is still in the early days of starting a business and they are not rich.

Xiao Lu’s unhappiness can also be seen as her own restraint, Xiao Yao is just her scapegoat.

Otherwise, Xiao Lu would not give up so easily.

Frugality may be the common desire of both of them, and Lu Jing’s heart is also realistic. Her discomfort may only be dissatisfaction with the current state.

Seriously, economically good families are not so eager for others to please themselves on certain holidays, they can achieve their desires at any time.

  The marriage proposal of the Bruce couples was related to moving, rejection and other matters in the marriage. We also spent a lot of time when reaching consensus, and in the end we could only choose some more neutral opinions.

  It is best to form a fixed pattern for the holidays in marriage so that both parties can have a good idea. If one party has additional needs to speak up in advance, if it is not easy to open the teeth, then you should give the other party enough hints to really confirm that the other party has understood it.  The festival should consider the needs of both parties. If it is the woman’s festival, the man should be more diligent and act more to take care of the woman’s intentions.

vice versa.

If it is a holiday for two people, then the needs of both parties must be considered, and whoever can’t count can be counted, who can’t be counted.

  Wedding Anniversary, especially to accept Wedding Anniversary is a relatively special holiday, and generally requires men to relive the past romantic pursuit of their wives.

Even things that were not done because of insufficient economic strength in the past have to be doubled.

From the perspective of traditional culture, a man is married to a person, so be grateful to his wife, thank her for choosing you, and be willing to share your hardships.

On such a day, most of the men need to fully meet the psychological needs of women. If your life is very flat, romantics are very important.

If the days are frugal, a little waste should be the answer.

  Need to strengthen the psychological ability to withstand judicial submission in marriage. Because two people love each other, the other side may be too much.

Marriage may create some conflicts, even on important days, conflicts can give people a deep sense of intimacy.

If the two sides are not so in love, the two sides will become more and more rational, and the psychological motivation of the argument will disappear.

  The point is to comment on his unfairness to his parents on both sides, which is vulgar, but someone is unbalanced.

I talked with a few friends and found that they also face the same problem as me.

That is, my parents always help, always worried that the daughter’s life is not good, so they give money and help, and also take care of the children; while the in-laws always have to make many demands on the son, my husband is slowSlow has formed a habit, and always treats the elderly on both sides in favor of their home.

It ‘s also a birthday. The gifts that my parents-in-law get are definitely more expensive than those of my parents. There are many more things like this.

In fact, the in-laws’ request is also normal. The key is that his attitude makes me angry, but for this quarrel, it seems that I always feel bad manners.

So what should I do?

  Both parents’ expectations for gifts are not necessarily the same. If you feel unbalanced, you may wish to agree on the approximate price to buy gifts for your parents, and not let Mr. Do it all.

Neutrally, parents’ expectations for gifts may be different.

Maybe your parents want you to go home more. Together is the biggest gift you can give your parents.

Generally speaking, girls are always more concerned about their parents, of course this concern is even material.

Men are not so attentive and ignore their relationship with their parents. It is possible to find inner balance for the items that are slightly more valuable to their parents during the holidays.

If so, this kind of seemingly eccentric behavior is very important, because it is an effective regulator of husband and wife relationship, so that both parties can maintain a comfortable mood when facing their parents, your letter says that parents always help you, Give money and help, also help to bring children, that your husband and wife are closer to your parents, sir will be more filial piety.

Parents don’t always pay for your care. In fact, they are also getting the intimacy they want.

My suggestion is to open one’s eyes and close one’s eyes in terms of gifts. Tolerance and understanding between husband and wife are more important than anything. You don’t have to quarrel. Just buy a gift for your parents and balance it.

If the husband is not convinced, talk to him and explain how you are forbearing, so that you will not lose style, it is the other side.

  This matter is vulgar, but it is unbalanced.
I talked with a few friends and found that they also face the same problem as me.
That is, my parents always help, always worried that the daughter’s life is not good, so they give money and help, and also take care of the children; while the in-laws always have to make many demands on the son, my husband is slowSlow has formed a habit, and always treats the elderly on both sides in favor of their home.
It ‘s also a birthday. The gifts that my parents-in-law get are definitely more expensive than those of my parents. There are many more things like this.
In fact, the in-laws’ request is also normal. The key is that his attitude makes me angry, but for this quarrel, it seems that I always feel bad manners.
So what should I do?
  Both parents’ expectations for gifts are not necessarily the same. If you feel unbalanced, you may wish to agree on the approximate price to buy gifts for your parents, and not let Mr. Do it all.

Neutrally, parents’ expectations for gifts may be different.
Maybe your parents want you to go home more. Together is the biggest gift you can give your parents.
Generally speaking, girls are always more concerned about their parents, of course this concern is even material.

Men are not so attentive and ignore their relationship with their parents. It is possible to find inner balance for the items that are slightly more valuable to their parents during the holidays.

If so, this kind of seemingly eccentric behavior is very important, because it is an effective regulator of husband and wife relationship, so that both parties can maintain a comfortable mood when facing their parents, your letter says that parents always help you, Give money and help, also help to bring children, that your husband and wife are closer to your parents, sir will be more filial piety.
Parents don’t always pay for your care. In fact, they are also getting the intimacy they want.
My suggestion is to open one’s eyes and close one’s eyes in terms of gifts. Tolerance and understanding between husband and wife are more important than anything. You don’t have to quarrel. Just buy a gift for your parents and balance it.If the husband is not convinced, talk to him and explain how you are forbearing, so that you will not lose style, it is the other side.

Five Worries for Men in the Workplace

Five Worries for Men in the Workplace

Promotion: Can’t wait!

  25-35-year-old professional men can maintain a high fighting force in the workplace if they are not lazy and confident enough.

An ordinary employee is eager to be recognized by the team and superiors; if he is leading this team, he is eager to be recognized by peers and society.

Inherent self-esteem and self-reliance support professional men’s ambitions-hard work, and win more heads and applause.

  Xiao Xu, 28, is a hard-working advertising designer. He spends most of his time on work. Some large-scale designs that he has gradually taken over since last year still make him depressed.

He complained: “I have been here for two years, and many people who joined the company with me have been promoted.

I did no worse than them.

“The talented student who graduated from a Beijing university design major has gone through 3 companies, and eventually chose to leave because he was struggling to fully develop his talents.

“Now I still face such a contradiction, I feel that the upper level of the company seems to be blind to my work performance.

“This kind of trouble has universal significance in the circle of professional men: talent is not valued, ambitions cannot be exerted, the results of struggle are repeatedly ignored, a person’s talent, passion and fighting spirit are consumed by these troubles.

If a man hasn’t “turned in” before the age of 40, it may mean a complete failure. This artificial differentiation has become a strong psychological suggestion, which makes professional men more likely to lose patience in the face of frustration.

  According to expert analysis, the general impetuousness and eagerness for quick success and immediate profitability of young people are important factors that cause serious imbalances in their mentality.

In fact, the game rules of some companies are not perfect, and there is generally a lack of a scientific employment system, resulting in young people lacking sufficient space to play.

Chen Jun, secretary general of the National Talent Flow Center, believes that cruel social competition has made young people eager to prove that it is not a good thing, which has a positive role in promoting work and society.

But how young people maintain a natural, tolerant mentality is more important, do not demand everything.

  ”A man who can only bury himself in work or can only watch and watch can’t really succeed. He should learn how to find a delicate balance between the two so that all efforts can be done with less effort.

Body: I ca n’t wait!

  The workplace is like a battlefield. The unprecedentedly fierce modern competition realistic men have to bow their heads. Any success is at the cost of damaging the body and consuming energy.

In the face of health and career, men’s inherent conquest instincts often replace the neglect of the former, and suffer from “collective disease.”

  Mr. Sun, who works as an IT, “likes” and opposes himself, just 30 years old, he has begun to thank.

He described his work like this: He spent 11 months a year developing software in the office, and the other month basically spent on various IT exhibitions and business negotiations.

The desperate way of working made him the company’s project leader, but his body also issued warnings.

“This year, my stomach disease has recurred and is very serious, but I have no time to be hospitalized, mainly because I can’t afford to lose my job.

“Life is work. If you don’t die now, you will be eliminated in a few years.

“I can only hold on until I’m 40 and retire with a fortune.

“Mr. Sun’s fantasy is also the dream of most IT elites.

Today, in Zhongguancun, he still looks like a gyro that can never be stopped. In order to win, he must turn more refreshed than other gyros.

  Psychologists suggest that in an era of competition full of gunpowder, it is delusional to survive.

The best way is to arrange your own time and combine work with rest.

After all, health is gone and everything is gone.

  Unemployment: Less Chic!

  Unemployment, a word that frightens middle-aged professional men, can easily deprive a person of all happiness once it transitions to the completed tense.

In some large companies or large enterprises, if your position has been through hard work for many years, you can get it.

Well, unemployment is a bullet, and a fracture instantly breaks your overwhelmed spine.

  Wang Dong, who had worked in a pharmaceutical company for more than five years, tasted unemployment in August this year. At the age of 35, he said he was desperate to cry every night.

“I have a family, a wife, and a child. I used to be an excellent technician. When news of the layoffs came, I felt like the sky was falling.

“Since then, Wang Dong has been constantly traveling through the talent market, but it is quite difficult to find a job with better or comparable conditions than before.

Feelings of frustration and loss are growing stronger.   Japanese men who have always implemented the tenure system are most afraid of unemployment. Now this phobia of unemployment is infiltrating Chinese men. Fortunately, there may be many companies. The company’s employment mechanism has become more and more flexible. The employment concept of practitionersGreat changes are also taking place, and adherence and departure are no longer a standard of one’s ability and quality.

  In this regard, Chen Jun, the secretary-general of the National Talent Flow Center, believes that professional men at this age should establish a sense of crisis in their work, face unemployment with a positive attitude, and even suffer heavy losses. They must also try every opportunity to fully enrich themselves.Knowledge and skills.

  Dude: I ca n’t touch it!

  Men often value hard-won confidants, and buddies take them seriously.

However, in the fierce competition in the workplace, worrying about lack of friendship or distressing about losing friendship has become a common problem among professional men.

  Xiaowan, who sells military drugs, has mixed feelings.

He has been out of touch with a brother who was sympathetic to high school for almost a year.

When we meet again, there is considerable overlap between the two sides.

Many professional men have such difficult failures.

Friendship is always closely related to a man’s beautiful childhood and simple school days. It is also an emotional sustenance that a man thinks before entering a tragic workplace. It touches the softest part of a man’s heart.

To a certain extent, mutual support between friends often becomes an important driving force for men to continue to fight, and once lost, it always makes people heartbreaking.

  Psychologists believe that if heavy work pressure makes you ignore the emotions that you should have in your life, you should reflect on yourself.

Experts suggest that no matter how busy or tired you are, take the time to call family and friends to strengthen communication and liaison, so that friendship and affection will not be easily lost.

  Wife: Run away!

  Worrying about a backyard fire may not be enough to supplement this mentality, but it is still a real worry for some professional men between the ages of 30 and 40.

Too fierce professional men have to face the double threat of being too old to marry or not being able to hold their wives.

  A marketing director who travels frequently told reporters that he easily married at the age of 28, but the marriage only lasted for 3 years: “She left me and ran away with a man with a bit of power. I was really embarrassed at that time.Unacceptable for a while.

I’m too busy to ignore her.

“Professional men who have a very difficult time caring for their families have all faced the threat of a” crash “in their families. Some men are reluctant to admit it because of self-esteem.

They feel that they are desperately making money out of this family for the sake of women, and there is no reason for women to defect, so machismo allows some men to pass by the opportunity to restore their feelings.

  Zhu Zhengyu, director of a Beijing Institute of Psychology, said, “In fact, women increasingly care about their husbands’ care and care for them, which is a reflection of women’s increasingly meaningful self-inner feelings.

However, the conflict between occupation and family often causes emotional sorrow for women.

Zhu Zhengyu suggested that married professional men take care of their family and work relationships. Work is impossible and should not be the whole of life.

If professional men have to choose a career, it is better to be successful and then consider marriage.

Eat more carrots to prevent diabetes


Eat more carrots to prevent diabetes

[Introduction]Experts measured blood glucose levels in blood of 1,665 volunteers aged 40-75 years old, and the results showed that the carotene content in the blood of healthy people was the highest, while that of the diabetic patients was the lowest.

Experts said in a research report that eating more carrots and other carotene-containing vegetables in their daily diet can greatly help prevent diabetes.

  Carrots contain 9 kinds of amino acids and some kinds of enzymes, as well as many minerals necessary for the human body. Among them, calcium and phosphorus are the main parts of bones; copper and iron are essential substances for the synthesis of heme; fluorine can enhance the anti-corrosion ability of teethThe crude fiber in carrots can stimulate gastrointestinal motility and is good for digestion.

Modern Chinese medicine research has found that carrots also have antihypertensive, cardiotonic, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

  Common folk formula: cure diabetes: use carrots as raw food for fruit, the effect is especially good.

  Lower blood pressure, blood sugar: carrot juice, substitute tea.

  Treatment of measles: 120 grams of carrots, 90 grams, 60 grams, add appropriate amount of water to fry into two bowls, for one day.

  Treatment of whooping cough: 120 grams of carrots, 12 red dates, fried into a bowl with three bowls of water, and serve as tea.

  Treatment of chickenpox: 120 grams of carrots, 90 grams of wind chestnuts, 芫荽 60 grams, 荸荠 60 grams, Jianfu.

  Treatment of night blindness, corneal desiccation: carrot and pork liver fried together.

Left abdominal pain alert to local disease

Left abdominal pain alert to local disease

Introduction: Men are always inadequate for the occasional pain, and often bite their teeth to bear it. This should not be the case. If there is a stomachache in life, especially the pain on the left, you must pay attention to these precautions. TheseMay be a symptom of a common disease in men.

  After sexual life, some men with left stomach pains have left stomach pains, mostly after sex. Experts point out that the left stomach pains at this time are mostly caused by urinary genital infections.

For example, chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, orchitis, etc. In addition, varicocele can cause pain in the left side of the stomach.

At this time, you should pay attention to going to the hospital for examination and treatment as early as possible, so as to help you prevent the deterioration of your condition and at the same time pay attention to developing a good lifestyle.

  Acute pain is the problem of what is the pain on the left side of the stomach. Experts point out that acute abdominal pain is the most common and one of the most dangerous situations.

The so-called acute abdominal pain refers to the patient’s conscious sudden abdominal pain, often caused by diseases of organs inside or outside the abdominal cavity.symptom.

Left stomach pain is caused by visceral nerve pain, while other left stomach pain is distorted by somatic body nerves, so it is called somatic left stomach pain, which is mostly persistent pain.

  Prostate pain undergoes medical research and found that men who cause chronic prostatitis also cause pain in the left side of the stomach.

However, the diagnosis and treatment of chronic prostatitis are very difficult. Bacteria are found in the patient’s urine. At the same time, pus cells and white blood cells are not seen under the microscope of the prostatic fluid.

Although the diagnosis is difficult, the symptoms of prostatitis are very obvious. Frequent urination, urgency and dysuria are common, especially pain in the perineum and scrotum, and some people even feel pain when they sit down.

  In addition to prostatitis, which can cause pain on the left side of the stomach, there are also some symptoms that can also cause left abdominal pain in men, such as urethral muscles, prostate muscles, or painful pain in the perineum and pelvic floor.These symptoms are very similar to those of prostatitis, so men should pay attention when they are in pain. They must find the cause and then treat it.

  Men with urinary stones often have pain on the left side of the stomach, which is inseparable from the urinary system. In addition to the typical lumbar vertebrae and nausea and vomiting, patients with urinary stones may have difficulty urinating and dysuria.

And the pain site usually reflects from the waist to the ipsilateral groin or perineum, and this kind of pain is fundamentally different from acute appendicitis, because the former can also show persistent pain in the lower right and left side, and it will be accompanied byLocal tenderness and rebound tenderness; patients with acute appendicitis often have fever and chills in addition to lumbar abdominal pain, and tenderness can occur in the ribs and lower abdomen in the quarter, and the tenderness is deep, and there is little rebound tenderness.There is urinary tract irritation, and pus bulbs are more common at the same time.

Five things you should do to remove acne without leaving marks

Five things you should do to remove acne without leaving marks

Everything recovers in spring, and even acne is no exception. After a quiet winter, acne began to spring up in the full length of mm.

The acne is red and swollen when it grows. If it disappears, it will leave a lot of acne marks.

How to easily get acne without leaving marks?

  Never wash your face twice a day. Washing your face is a rule you must follow.

Often washing your face will stimulate the secretion function of the sebaceous glands, because once the oil on the surface of the skin is washed, the sebaceous glands must work “overtime” to perform its natural protection function. As a result, the sebaceous glands will become more and more frizzy.More and more lively.

  Never use scrubs and astringent water. Scrubs and astringent water will over-irritate the epidermis, worsen the condition of the skin that is already inflamed, and also stimulate the secretion function of the sebaceous glands, making the situation worse.

In addition, the astringent water can shrink the pores and make the pore openings that have been inserted smaller.

  Do not smoke. Nicotine in cigarettes will shrink the walls of the microvascular tubes, cause toxins in the blood and lymph to accumulate, and reduce the reoxygenation rate of skin cells. As a result, the skin’s healing ability will be weakened and cross-infection of skin wounds can be formed.

  Do not pull, squeeze, pick acne if you correct or use tools to squeeze, not only will not help, but will cause secondary infection due to the bacteria on your hand, or the force of the squeeze, causing subcutaneous bruising, leavingRemaining traces that will not disappear until 4-6 weeks.

In addition, the wounds caused by squeezing are repeatedly irritated, resulting in skin hyperplasia and the formation of raised scars.

  Do not eat spicy, fried, high-metabolism foods. Although these foods do not directly cause the formation of acne, they will “deteriorate” the condition of acne because these foods will increase the load on the heart and reduce the bloodThe quality of vitamin K decreases, which indirectly induces the formation of acne.

Anti-aging application firming cream is key_1

Anti-aging application firming cream is key

Fine dry lines become real wrinkles in autumn and winter; dry and cold cause more severe skin relaxation; pigments are still precipitated, and the skin with reduced function causes spots to constantly break out . The skin in autumn and winter is full of various aging attacks.

You need to take advantage of the timing of autumn and winter supplements, both inside and outside, so that aging has nowhere to stay in this autumn and winter.

  The cream is moisturizing enough to prevent the appearance of dry lines. Choose a cream that can quickly penetrate into the stratum corneum and enhance the elasticity of the nourishing ingredients. If you feel these dry after cleansing or come together in the morning, it will prove the moisturization of your skin care products.Not enough, you need to change a bottle of cream that can replenish water and oil.

  Concentrate on “firepower” for a month to fight against fine lines at the earliest time. Take measures to concentrate “firepower” as soon as possible, and it is possible to eliminate the wrinkles.

Evening use of concentrated maintenance serum for first-time fine lines at night will be particularly effective for a month.

In addition, try to start using medical-like care products, such as peptides, botulinum-like care products, which can eliminate the fine lines of insulation in the shortest time.

  Massage to prevent expression lines from deteriorating. The “dynamic lines” that are only present when expressions are made will become “fixed lines” that remain on the shoulders.

Face movements should not be too stretchy. Early use of anti-wrinkle and firming products can promote skin collagen regeneration. The simultaneous use of eye wrinkle removing cream and moisturizing eye cream can reduce the effects of corner lines.

  Eliminate the decree lines massage Step1 palms against the face, draw a large circle from bottom to top, and gently push to the ears.

  Step2 With both hands and fingers against the person, slide from the center to the outside.

  Step3 Slide your finger downwards and upwards from your lips, as if you want to pull up the corner of your mouth.

  Step4 Close your fingers, slide your hands from your chin toward your ears, and lift up the contour of your entire face.

  Let the deep wrinkles go to the brand’s high-tech!

  The loss of collagen, elastic fibers, and hyaluronic acid is the initial part of the appearance of wrinkles.

Therefore, the brand’s high-tech focus is on preserving these three substances. The choice depends on which one is best for your skin, and anti-wrinkle can be effective.

  To conceal the fine lines on the corners of the eyes, you must use a makeup brush with a small brush head. Dip a moisturizing concealer, change the direction of the texture, sweep from the corners of the eyes, and then cover with a thin layer of loose powder.

Do not use too much concealer, otherwise you only want to cover up and make wrinkles more visible.

  Milky concealer concealing and declining lines The lines are the most afraid of getting stuck in the powder groove. It is best to use a pre-makeup care product that smoothes the fine lines, and gently push it evenly to get a better effect.

A milky concealer will better cover the lines.

  Applying firming cream is the key. Lifting firming products are your first choice!

However, the firming product must be lifted and massaged to the skin to achieve better results, so that the muscles of the skin will follow your expectations.

  Massage three times a week + twice elastic mask to make your face tighter. At least twice a week, use too much firming serum to apply pressure and massage on the cheeks, chin, and corners of the mouth that are easy to relax.

The direction of positive massage is from top to bottom; the direction of facial massage is from bottom to top and from the center to both sides; the corners of the mouth are pulled upwards.

With a firming mask that enhances elasticity, you can see that the skin is plump and firm at the moment you tear the mask underneath.

  Apply firming face makeup on the triangle from the ears to the smiling muscles. Apply powder or a foundation that is one or two deeper than the skin from the back; sweep the pink orange cheeks from behind the cheekbones to the smiling muscles.Red and red, naturally overlap with the repair capacity. When drawing blush, do not draw backwards from the laughing muscle, otherwise the front face is too heavy; finally, beige pearl powder is used to highlight the T-shaped area.

  Whitening products must not absorb moisture.

After using the whitening and moisturizing essence, perform a simple massage on the forehead, eye area, cheek and lip area, and gently insert the acupuncture points.

Use night time for whitening and intensive maintenance. Whitening lotion + whitening essence or mask is more effective.

Don’t forget to use a topical whitening product that specifically dilutes the stain.

  Trace elements give skin a young vitality. The decline of skin function is an important reason for spots to constantly erupt.

Skincare products containing trace elements can give skin a young look.

It is imperative to choose skin care products with trace elements.

Magnesium, manganese, copper, and silicon can effectively delay skin aging.

  Stress makes you black. Melanin production is often a response of the skin to stress.

You can use a lotion that contains stress-relieving ingredients (some lavender, rose, sweet orange, bergamot, etc.). You can also use aromatherapy to relax and soothe by sniffing and spraying.

  A highlighter is needed to save the dull-Chan race’s dull cheeks.

The sides of the nose, the corners of the mouth, and the depression under the lip peak on the chin are often areas that require a highlighter.

Of course, if the dullness of these areas is too obvious, you must use a concealer before highlighting with a highlighter.   The foundation of makeup “whitening needles” and “white number one” is not to be tried. As long as it is used properly, it will not only look like a fake mask, but also highlight the outline!

When using the “five-point method” to put in liquid foundation, the emphasis is on the “big triangle”, which is generally referred to as the “front face”.

Pushing from the inside to the outside, the amount of powder gradually decreases, and the two ends are actually fused with grayscale, so there will be no “masking” feeling.

Five special uses for mustard

Five special uses for mustard

Besides eating sashimi and sushi, what else can you do with wasabi?

Think about it. In fact, there are at least 5 special uses for this green and spicy thing. After reading most of them, you will know.

  Relieve arthritis Whether it is finger pain or hand muscle pain, as long as the entire hand is covered with mustard, the pain must be relieved.

And if the muddy muscles are painful, add 6 tablespoons of mustard and a handful of salt to your bathtub and soak in the bath for 20 minutes to relieve the pain.

  Resisting a Cold Although smearing mustard on your body makes you smell like a cheap hot dog, when your nose is not ventilated at night when you catch a cold, just go to the chest and apply two tablespoons of mustard, which will make your breathing smooth overnight.

  Promoting digestion is not just putting wasabi when eating Japanese food, you can put any other dish, and insist on eating every day instead of occasionally tasting it. It can help you eliminate indigestion.

  Relieve fatigue. Soaking feet in hot water at night can relieve foot fatigue. If you add 3 tablespoons of mustard to hot water for 10 minutes, the effect is better.

  Get rid of harassers. Maybe a cat is near the yard of your house and it ‘s springing around. It ‘s noisy and you ca n’t sleep. A good way to get rid of it is to put it in a place where it often appears.Plate, put 2 spoons of paprika, 3 spoons of mustard, 5 spoons of flour in the plate, and add enough water to stir.

Keep the cat away from your house.