[How to make cold melon]_Recommended diet

[How to make cold melon]_Recommended diet

Winter melon’s nutritional effect is very good, with diuretic and diuretic effects. In addition, dietary fiber can prevent constipation. For patients with high blood pressure or diabetes, eat some properly, which has the effect of stabilizing blood sugar and blood pressure.

There are many ways to make melon. You can make soup or make melon cakes.

In summer, you can make cold melon, which has a good effect of clearing heat and reducing heat. Let’s take a look at the method of cold melon.

400 grams of winter melon, prepare the right amount of salt, chicken essence, chili oil, blending oil and sugar.

First clean the melon, peel and scoop, then cut into thin slices, put the right amount of water in the pot, put the water melon slices into the water after boiling, simmer until the eighth ripe, then remove, control the moisture, and then put in cold waterSoak it inside and add cold water to it, the melon taste will be more crispy.

Put the processed winter melon slices into a dish for later use. Prepare a small bowl with white sugar, chicken essence and sesame sauce, add the salt, stir to make a juice, then pour on the winter melon slices and sprinkle with some cooked food.Peanut rice, plus a little chili oil, so cold melon is ready.

In summer, it is good to eat some cold winter melon, which has a good effect of nourishing the lungs and clearing the fire, and it also has a good effect of moisturizing and removing fire. The method of cold winter melon is very simple.It can prevent urinary system inflammation and prevent constipation. It has the effect of promoting digestion.

Especially for patients with chronic diseases, proper eating has a good effect on stabilizing blood pressure and blood sugar.

It is a very healthy method of winter melon, which has the effect of improving immunity and improving the body’s disease resistance.

[Efficacy of selenium-enriched tea]_Selenium-enriched tea_Action_Benefits

[Efficacy of selenium-enriched tea]_Selenium-enriched tea_Action_Benefits

Selenium, a chemical element impurity, is very easy to pay attention to. Selenium deficiency in the human body can cause many diseases. At the same time, it can obviously prevent and inhibit certain special diseases. Therefore, modern people pay more attention to selenium supplementation.

Therefore, many selenium-doped foods have appeared on the market, and selenium-rich tea is one of them.

Selenium is a chemical element and its chemical symbol is selenium, a non-metal.

Can use photosensitive materials, electrolytic manganese industry catalysts, essential nutrients for animals and beneficial nutrients for plants.

Teas with a much higher selenium content than other tea leaves are called selenium-rich teas.

Domestically famous are: Shaanxi Ziyang Selenium Rich Tea, Hubei Enshi Selenium Rich Tea (Enshi is known as “the world’s selenium capital”).

Selenium-enriched tea reduces fat and loses weight, prevents cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Tea drinking is closely related to weight loss. The book “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” already mentioned the weight-loss effect of tea more than 2,000 years ago: “Jiufu Anxin Yiqi. lightweight and not old “.

Modern scientific research and clinical experiments have confirmed that tea drinking can reduce blood lipids and cholesterol in the blood and make the body lighter. This is because the phenol derivatives, aromatic substances, amino acids, and vitamins in the tea are comprehensively coordinated.As a result, especially the combined effect of tea polyphenols and theanin and vitamin C can promote slight oxidation, help digestion, reduce fat and lose weight.

In addition, tea polyphenols can dissolve trace amounts, and vitamin C can promote plasma exchange in vitro.

Tea itself contains tea Gan Ning, tea Gan Ning is to increase blood vessels, making blood vessels not easy to rupture.

Anti-cancer effect of selenium-enriched tea Green tea contains the components of tea polyphenols and caffeine. The comprehensive effects produced by these teas not only have refreshing and nourishing effects, but also improve the human immune system and anti-cancer effect.

The American Chemical Society has always found that tea not only inhibits digestive cancer, but also inhibits skin, lung, and liver cancer.

After scientific research, the organic anticancer substances in tea are mainly tea polyphenols, theophylline, vitamin C and vitamin E; the inorganic anticancer elements in tea are mainly selenium, molybdenum, manganese, germanium, etc.

Chinese and Japanese scientists believe that catechins in tea polyphenols have the best anticancer effect.

Selenium-enriched tea has anti-toxic and sterilizing effects. The tea can be used to detoxify the medicine to return to the ancient Shennong era (about 2737 BC).Recorded in “History of the Three Emperors”, “Huainanzi Xiu Wu Xun”, “Materia Medica Yanyi” and other books.

Tea Saint Lu Yu pointed out in his “The Book of Tea” about the effectiveness of tea in the world’s first authoritative tea book more than 1200 years ago (780 AD): “Due to the cold nature of tea, it is best to use beverages. If you feel hot, thirsty, stuffy, headache, eyestrain, tired limbs, uncomfortable joints, drinking four or five teas will be effective. ”

Regular drinking selenium-enriched tea has a longevity. The anti-aging effect of selenium-enriched tea on the human body is mainly reflected in the coordination of some effective chemical ingredients and multiple vitamins, especially tea polyphenols, caffeine, vitamin C, aromatics, lipopolysaccharides, etc.It can enhance human cardiac muscle activity and blood vessel elasticity, inhibit arteriosclerosis, reduce the incidence of hypertension and coronary heart disease, enhance immunity, thereby anti-aging and enable people to live longer.

According to medical research, tea polyphenols can not only reduce the content of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, but also enhance the secretion and elasticity of microvessels and reduce blood lipids, which is often very useful for middle and old people such as hypertension and cardiovascular.
Selenium-rich tea contains selenium and is organic selenium. It is easier to be absorbed by people than selenium in grains and oils. Dr. Richard Paxworth of the United States believes that selenium and vitamin C can be added to food to form a triple compound.Prolong human life, and selenium-rich tea is just enough for these life-saving strange elements.

From solo games to group games

From solo games to group games

When you think back to your childhood, the shadow of the game will definitely appear in your mind.

  In fact, the significance of games for childhood is not just about playing, it is more about the impact on the development of a person’s life.

Children can have fun in games, learn to abide by rules, interact with others, think independently and solve problems, and let their minds develop fully.

do you know?

As children grow older and their lives continue to expand, children will gradually transition from the initial “solitary play” stage to the “group play” stage.

     The solo game stage mainly appears before the age of two.

  During this period, the baby’s vision and hearing develop rapidly, so the “feeling game” is the main form of the baby’s game. For example, the baby is happy when he sees a beautiful windmill, and feels happy when he hears the sound of a rattle.

This kind of games is good for cultivating your baby’s attention and making her actively adapt to external life.

  Love reminder: At the stage of baby playing alone, you must try to choose toys with bright colors or sounds for your child, and often change toys for children, change the place of play, and let the baby fully enjoy the fun of playing alone.

In addition, you should also take safety measures and be careful not to let dangerous items be used as toys by your baby, such as medicines, cosmetics, cigarettes, nails, needles, and cups that replace boiling water.

     From about two years old, the baby gradually transitions from the solo play stage to the group play stage.

  Group games are two or more children playing together, but the experience of playing alone is the basis of group games.

Babies who have experience playing alone have even active and active play abilities in the collective.

  In the group game stage, there are three main types of baby games, namely “parallel games”, “imitation games” and “creation games”, which are respectively associated with different ages.

  ”Parallel play” This is a common way of playing when your baby has just transitioned to group play.

It seems that the baby is playing with other children, but in fact they are playing each other, there is no communication and cooperation between them.

  Love reminder: Parents should try to let the baby play with the children as much as possible during this time, and encourage them to talk with their peers and play a toy or a game together, so that the baby gradually get rid of the habit of relying on parents, so as to find fun in group games.

     ”Imitating games” generally appear at the age of three to four. The content of the games mostly imitates some situations in adult social life, such as imitating the practice of adults to run stores and run hospitals.

In the game that imitates social life, they constantly understand things, explore the world, communicate with each other, and inspire each other. At the same time, they also learn in the game that everyone follows certain rules in the game.

  There are too many children who understand the connection between you and me in the game, learn the basic communication skills of making toys and borrowing toys from each other, and some children have learned how to control their emotions and behaviors and how to help childrenPartners, etc.

  Reminder of love: 1. The child especially loves to ask questions during this period. Adults should try to give the child a satisfactory answer, not perfunctory for fear of trouble, and actively guide all kinds of small problems that the child has in the game, so that the child alwaysKeep a heart of exploration.

  2. The imitation game stage is an important period for the development of children’s games. Parents are best to create good conditions for their children so that children can fully display their imitation skills.

  3、父母可以为孩子选择一些可供发展手眼协调能力的玩具,如娃娃最好有四肢、眼睛能转动、衣服能穿脱等’  让孩子在游戏中更好地理解周围的事物、人以及人Relationship with people.

  ”Creation games” mostly appear around the age of five or six. During this period, children’s understanding ability has improved rapidly, they can seriously think, gradually sprout independent sprouts, began to pay attention to the shape of the object with few colors, and the savings are more concentrated.Focus on fun games for a long time.

  At this time, children are no longer satisfied with simple imitations of social life.

他们开始能够零零碎碎的讲述小时候的故事,能够用积木创造出人和动物的形象,能够用粘土非常合理地造出房子的轮廓’做出大象的鼻子、动物的脑袋、人的双手and many more.
  Reminder: 1. At this time, adults can choose some intellectual toys for children, such as plasticine, building blocks, intellectual disassembly and assembly vehicles, drawing boards, calculation toys, etc.

  2, you can choose some simple chess and ball activities, so that children’s intelligence and motor skills develop at the same time.

     The age of 6 or 7 is the school age for children, which marks the end of the life of games-led activities and the beginning of the life of students who are involved in learning activities.

The game has since given way to more important learning activities.

  Childhood is the age of play, in which children begin to accumulate the first life experience.

Lose weight and stop exercise

Lose weight and stop exercise

If a person absorbs 1500 calories per day when losing weight, the amount of energy consumed will increase when the amount of exercise is increased during weight loss. When it exceeds 1500 calories, the human body will decompose a trace amount, which will produce a weight loss effect.

However, once the exercise is stopped and the volume consumed exceeds 1500 calories, the extra variables will be stored and a rebound in weight loss will occur.

Therefore, three points for weight loss rely on exercise and seven points for diet control.

  In addition, it should be reasonably estimated that eat less high oil, high sugar, high purity, junk food and so on.

In addition, you can change three meals a day to five meals a day, and control your diet by eating more and less.

  Common Misunderstandings in Sports Weight Loss One: As long as you exercise more, you can achieve weight loss. Although exercise can consume the displacement of the human body, the effect of weight loss by exercise alone is not obvious. Research shows that even playing tennis for several hours a day, but only drink one or twoListening to a can or eating a few pieces of bread and biscuits, the hard weight loss results will be lost.

Therefore, in order to obtain a long-lasting weight loss effect, in addition to compulsory exercise, a reasonable change in diet should also be made.

  Mistake No. 2: Fasting exercises are harmful to health. People are always worried that fasting exercises are harmful to health.

Dr. Dappa from the Dallas Bodybuilding Center in the United States believes that moderate exercise, such as quantitative walking, dancing, jogging, cycling, etc., to lose weight 1-2 hours (ie, fasting) before meals.

  In addition, due to the appropriate amount of exercise, excessive thermal energy consumption, sufficient use of storage in the body, will not affect health.

Of course, this refers to a moderate amount of fasting, not to exercise when you are dizzy and hungry.

  Misunderstanding 3: The lighter the exercise, the better the weight loss effect. In fact, only long-term low-intensity aerobic exercise can make people consume extra aunts.

This is because during low-intensity exercise, muscles mainly use oxidized fatty acids to obtain energy, which causes slight consumption quickly.

The intensity of exercise increases, and the proportion of slight consumption decreases accordingly.

When approaching high-intensity sports, the minority energy supply ratio only accounts for 15%.

  Misunderstanding 4, only doing aerobic exercise, not doing muscle training, afraid of long muscle research performance, the combination of aerobic exercise + antagonistic exercise (muscle training) is the most conducive to weight loss, muscle can effectively increase your metabolic rate, let youConsume more moments of rest.

But unfortunately, the muscles of the human body begin to lose quickly after the age of 30. This is why after the age of 30, many people even eat as much as before, but they are getting fatter.

The most correct way to exercise is to divide the 60-minute exercise plan into 30 minutes of muscle training + 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.

Fat loss will be much faster.

How to add baby food supplements

How to add baby food supplements

It is the wish of every mother to make her baby nutritious and healthy.

Therefore, after the baby enters the complementary food period, mothers will always go to great lengths to help the baby collect all kinds of ingredients, however, not all ingredients are suitable for the baby.

The Air Force, some foreign media have published articles to select the 10 best baby food supplements.

We together look.

. 10 kinds of best baby food supplements Vegetables: pumpkin, lentils, green leafy vegetables, broccoli According to foreign media reports, pumpkin tastes sweet and tastes smooth, supplemented with vitamin A and vitamin C, it is suitable for babies over 6 months.
Lentil protein and dietary fiber can be mixed with rice and vegetables and fed to your baby after cooking.

Spinach, kale and other dark green leafy vegetables are mixed with iron and folic acid, which can be mixed into oatmeal for infants.

Broccoli can absorb acids, precipitate fibers and calcium, and its rich sulfides can bring more novel experiences to the baby’s taste.

  Fruits: Blueberry, avocado, prune, and tangerine nutritionist Lynn Cooper said that avocado means unsaturation by chance, nutrition is similar to breast milk, and it is good for baby’s brain development.

Blueberries are expected to have anthocyanins, which are great for infants’ vision, brain development, and urinary health.

In addition, prune can help relieve the baby’s constipation, while tangerine uses vitamin C and antioxidants, and its sweet and sour taste is loved by babies.

  Others: Yogurt and meat In addition to vegetables and fruits, meat and dairy products are also indispensable.

“Yogurt, calcium and vitamin D are good for bone and tooth development,” said Nancy Hudson, a professor of nutrition at the University of California, Davis.

“At the same time, yogurt can also help regulate the number of beneficial bacteria in the baby’s digestive tract and enhance immune system function.

Meat is an important source of zinc and iron. Stew meat has various methods and is easy to chew. It is very suitable for infants.

  After reading the above introduction, I believe that the mothers are already eager to move and want to start making complementary foods.

So, are there any tools that can help us?

Let’s continue looking down.

  Come, come and make complementary food at home!

  As a good handy mother, how about a few good dishes?

However, the baby’s complementary food is not the same as the adult food. Even without seasoning, you need to chop all the ingredients to smash the horse. It is really tiring without a good arm.

Is there any good tool to help?

  Complementary food grinder

Supplementary food scissors The complementary food grinder and complementary food scissors are very practical complementary food processing tools. They are mainly used to process cooked ingredients. They can be seen in many families with children.

Among them, the supplementary food grinder can grind the ingredients into a paste, which is suitable for older babies.

The complementary food scissors cut the ingredients into a relatively large shape, which is more suitable for older babies.

  Complementary food machines Complementary food machines usually consist of various functions such as “cooking, stirring, shredding”, etc., which can help mothers complete the work of making complementary foods with one click.

Many families have better financial conditions, but parents have to be busy with work, and those who do not have enough time to take care of their babies will choose to buy complementary food machines.

A good food supplement machine can also set the cooking time according to the ingredients to meet the slight needs of mothers.

  Yogurt maker Yogurt maker is a popular household appliance that allows mothers to easily prepare yogurt at home.

Many mothers feel reassured that they control the quality of raw materials and the hygienic conditions of the production process.

The process of making yogurt only takes three steps: 1.

Add milk and starter or 10% raw yogurt and stir well; 2.

Add it to the yogurt machine and cover the lid; 3.

Turn on the power, press the switch, and wait for 8-12 hours.

Delicious and nutritious yogurt comes out!

  Walk around and buy finished foods together!

  Pumpkin, lentils, broccoli, blueberries, avocados (ie avocados), etc. These ingredients can be found in the vegetable market on weekdays. It is quite convenient to buy them directly to make baby food.
But when it comes to Ximei, where should we find this relatively rare ingredient?
Just walk around, let’s go directly to the finished food supplement area.

  If your baby is suffering from constipation, Xi Mei will definitely be a favorite of TA.

Because plums are very rich in fiber, the laxative effect is naturally dripping. Many mothers like to prepare a few cans of plums at home to help relieve the baby’s constipation.

A mother once communicated with the editor and said that the price of finished food supplements is too expensive, so they usually make complementary foods for the babies themselves.

Only Ximei, a relatively rare ingredient, would choose to buy a finished product, just to change the taste of the baby.

  The editor said: In addition to the plum puree, moms can also buy other complementary foods made from healthy fruits and vegetables.

Although these 10 kinds of ingredients are implanted by foreign media as the most suitable food for babies, moms don’t need to go to extremes.

Under the premise of ensuring safety, letting your baby try different vegetables and fruits will help your baby’s nutritional balance.

Demystifying the 5 truths that make you look premature


Demystifying the 5 truths that make you look premature

Key words of delicious traps: Risk of eating toxins: ★★ All foods that are eaten into the stomach are over-processed, containing a variety of artificial additives; drinking more than four cups of coffee a day; excessive intake of high fat, high metabolism, highProtein foods; tobacco, alcohol, and irritating drinks can cause women to age prematurely.

  Key words of super-strength work: Excessive pressure Danger: ★★★ In addition to completing the job and dealing with complex interpersonal relationships, women also have to play the role of wife and mother in the family. Excessive stress makes them often upset, Tension, anxiety, coupled with the lack of repatriation channels, accumulated over time, causing great damage to the body.

  Deteriorating lifestyle keywords: Risk of bad lifestyle: ★★★★ Smoking, lack of sleep, overeating, lack of exercise, early departure and late return, these bad lifestyles will cause damage to health and appearance.

  Key words for general flow of people: improper risk of contraception: ★★★★ Constant abortion causes harm to the body, and the subsequent changes in the balance of hydroxyl, ovarian function and estrogen make women significantly older.

  Chronic disease keywords: Disease risk: ★★★★★ This condition is generally pathological, such as mental weakness, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, obesity, etc.

Old Chinese medicine treatment of gastritis 8 prescriptions

Old Chinese medicine treatment of gastritis 8 prescriptions

First, Yifeiweiwei recipe consists of: Codonopsis pilosula 12g, Astragalus 30g, Atractylodes Rhizome 12g, Yam 15g, Lentil 10g, White Pelican 15g, Tangerine 10g, Poria 12g, Amomum 5g, Dried Ginger 10g, Pickled Licorice 10g.

The cold elephant obviously added 12 grams of ginger, 6 grams of cinnamon, and even 10 grams of attached tablets, 10 grams of Wusong, 6 grams of Sichuan pepper; 12 grams of pantothenic acid and sea bream, 12 grams of calcined scorpion.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis sees stomach sputum uncomfortable, faint pain, sputum as falling, fasting is even worse, the intake is slightly reduced, hi hot, press, cold, heavier, weak, weak, less food, tongueLight fat, thin white or white slippery, or tooth marks on the side, weak pulse or large force.

Gastroscopic examination showed that the gastric mucosa was reddish or pale white, the mucous membrane was rough, or scattered in patchy congestion.

TCM syndrome differentiation is the spleen loses health, the stomach is not enough, and the spleen and stomach are cold.

  Second, Yiyin Yangwei Decoction composition: sand ginseng 15g, Ophiopogon japonicus 12g, Polygonatum 15g, raw land 12g, white peony 15g, licorice 10g, Dendrobium 12g, Chuanxiong 10g, Pinellia 3g.

Thirst and even pollen; stomach cramps plus white flowers Hedyotis 20g, dandelion 15g; low-acid people add ebony 10g, papaya 12g, hawthorn 12g; stool greasy 涩 栝 栝 15g, cassia 12g; constipation plus Yu Liren 12g, hempKernel 12g; food less plus grain bud 15g, green plum 10g.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis see stomach cramps, sputum miscellaneous burning, knowing less, dry mouth, drinking, tongue peeling or less moss or cracks, fine pulse or string; or gastric acid deficiency, gastroscopy see mild gastric mucosaCongestion, less secretion, or see glandular atrophy.

TCM syndrome is a liver and spleen yin injury, stomach yin deficiency.

  Third, the composition of Qingreheweitang recipe: Astragalus 10g, Forsythia 12g, Sabina 20g, Coptis 6g, Hedyotis diffusa 15g, White Pelican 15g, Dandelion 30g.

Swallow acid plus Wujing 3g, sea bream 12g, forged scorpion 12g.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis sees stomach cramps burning pain, mouth bitter and dry, noisy easy to heal or vomiting acid water bitter water, dry stool, red tongue thin white or thin yellow, pulse string.

Gastroscope sees gastric mucosal congestion, edema, erosion and so on.

TCM syndrome differentiation is a stagnation of heat in the middle of the coke.

  Fourth, Shugan Anwei Decoction composition: Chai Ming 12g, white peony 15g, fragrant 12g, Yuanhu 12g, Chuanxiong 12g, black peony 12g, Su stalk 10g, said licorice 10g.

Pain is even more than 9 fragrant insects 10g, Yuan Hu 12g; swelling drama plus clam shell 12g, bergamot 12g; sputum plus spine flower 10g, bergamot 12g; swallow acid plus Zuojin pill.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis see stomach fullness, or dull pain, pain lead to two threats, or attack and support pain, red tongue, thin white, pulse string.

TCM syndrome differentiation is due to liver loss and stagnation.

  V. Composition of Huayu Liwei Decoction: Salvia 30g, sandalwood 10g, Amomum 6g, Wulingzhi 10g, Puhuang 10g, Xiangfu 12g, Yuanhu 12g, Chuanxiong 12g, Taiwu 10g.

If the stagnation heat plus white flower Hedyotis diffusa 20g, dandelion 30g; if the qi deficiency plus Codonopsis 20g, Atractylodes 12g.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis see stomach cramps pain, or tingling, sharp pain, pain fixed, dark red or dark purple tongue, tongue collaterals more rough and long color blue, pulse stagnation.

Gastroscope is more common in glandular atrophy or intestinal metaplasia, dysplasia.

TCM syndrome differentiation is liver spleen qi stagnation and blood stasis.

Qi stagnation is easy to cause convulsions, blood stasis is more gas, the disease should distinguish between qi stagnation and blood stasis, flexible medication, pay attention to blood medicine, blood gas medicine replacement.

  Six, bitter Xin Tiaowei recipe composition: Pinellia 10g, berberine 6g, Astragalus 10g, Wujing 6g, dried ginger 10g, Codonopsis 12g, licorice 10g.

Partial cold plus good ginger 12g, Sichuan pepper 6g; partial heat and plus mountain glutinous rice 10g.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis see stomach fullness, after eating, or hidden pain, loose stools, and see heartburn pantothenic acid, mouth bitter and sticky, with heartburn and not like cold diet for outstanding performance, tongue reddish greasy,Or yellow greasy or yellowish greasy, weak pulse.

TCM syndrome differentiation is a combination of cold, real and cold.

This card is mainly based on the chronic illness of spleen and stomach qi deficiency, or emotional burning, or taking spicy and spicy sputum, stagnation and fire, or virtual fire caused by burning, so in the medication to master the cold and heat, virtual andThe actual primary and secondary treatments.

  Seven, Huashi Xingwei Decoction composition: musk 12g, Perrin 12g, coix seed 30g, white coix seed 10g, Atractylodes 12g, Magnolia 10g, 茯苓12g, calamus 12g.

Partial cold and wet plus 10g of Pinellia, 10g of dried tangerine peel, 10g of dried ginger; partial heat of dampness plus 10g of astragalus, 6g of berberine.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis sees chest tightness, poor appetite, less mouthful, tasteless, thirsty and less drink, bowel sputum, loose stools, tired and tired, greasy greasy (yellow greasy and hot, white greasy and cold), fine or slow pulse.

TCM syndrome differentiation is a kind of wet resistance in the coke, trapping the spleen and stomach.

  Eight, Xiaoshi appetizer soup composition: Atractylodes 12g, Magnolia 10g, Hawthorn 12g, Divine Comedy 10g, Malt 15g, Pinellia 10g, Poria 12g, dried tangerine peel 10g, ginger 10g.

Food resistance stagnation for expansion plus chicken inner gold 12g, Amomum 6g; even stool can not pass, abdominal pain full expansion plus sputum 10g, rhubarb 10g; vomiting sputum full plus musk 10g, woody 6g; greasy meatThe wounded, reused Jiaoshanyu; the rice-injured people were mainly composed of Divine Comedy and Malt; the noodles were mainly Laiwuzi.

  Indications: Chronic gastritis combined with stagnation, resistance, stomach cramps, fullness and pain, phlegm and phlegm, bad smell, bad smell, thick and greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse.

TCM syndrome differentiation is a food stagnation.

  Chronic gastritis, especially chronic atrophic gastritis, is more common in clinical practice than virtual reality.The initial illness is in the air, and the long-term illness is more complicated by yin deficiency or phlegm.

The first step is to improve the body’s immune function, increase the release of gastric mucosal cell protective factor, adjust metabolic function, medical Codonopsis, Astragalus, Ophiopogon japonicus, Angelica, Dodder, medlar, etc.Blood circulation in the stomach, promote the absorption of inflammatory cells, medicinal salvia miltiorrhiza, Chuanxiong, Chishao, Xiaoxiaosan; three to clear away heat and detoxify, prevent cancer, for intestinal metaplasia and dysplasia, instead of Hedyotis diffusa, scorpion, half branchLotus, Solanum nigrum, etc.; Fourth, according to the patient’s physique, the condition is cold and hot, and it is ruled by people; the fifth is to pay attention to diet regulation, avoiding sputum, spicy torment and thick food, and at the same time, to adjust the emotions and avoid the cold, to develop more with less.The effect.

Don’t be afraid of ingredients to help you get acne marks

Don’t be afraid of ingredients to help you get acne marks

Acne came and went, waved his sleeves, but left a footprint!

Acne marks, how many young men and women hurt!

The old Chinese medicine has sorted out several Chinese herbal medicines with anti-acne and anti-inflammatory effects today.

1. Forsythia Forsythia is a traditional Chinese medicine with a wide antibacterial spectrum, and it has a very obvious anti-inflammatory effect.

Can promote the formation of inflammatory barriers, reduce capillary permeability, reduce inflammatory exudation, effectively eliminate local redness caused by acne.

At the same time, forsythia can also inhibit the secretion of sebaceous glands.

It can reduce the excessive oiliness of the skin and improve the skin texture for oily skin.

2. Honeysuckle Honeysuckle contains yarrow, which can penetrate the pores strongly, and has obvious antibacterial and bactericidal effects.

It can also prevent the hair follicle sebaceous adenosine duct from excessive keratinization and embolism, which is conducive to the normal excretion of sebum and prevent the formation of acne from sebum residue.

3. Pharmacological experiments of wild chrysanthemums have proven that wild chrysanthemums are natural “antibiotics” that can inhibit and kill dozens of bacteria.

Therefore, it is widely used to treat various inflammations inside and outside the human body.

When acne appears red and swollen from the beginning, washing the face with wild chrysanthemum water can quickly control local distortion and prevent pigmentation caused by acne.

4, Sophora flavescens heat, purging fire, detoxification, dampness, antipruritic effect is obvious, can eliminate redness and swelling for the beginning acne.

It can also inhibit excessive sebum secretion, reduce sebum accumulation and form acne, keep the skin smooth and clean, and is one of the main drugs for preventing acne.

5. Salvia miltiorrhiza has the effect of improving blood circulation, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of Propionibacterium acnes in hair follicles, and controlling the occurrence of acne.

In addition, before menstruation, women increase in androgen, stimulate strong secretion of sebaceous glands, prone to acne, and salvia can inhibit androgens in the body, reduce sebum secretion, and prevent acne in “special periods”.

Tips: When using Chinese herbal medicine to treat acne, you must also pay attention to daily skin care.

Wash your face with warm water every day. Do not squeeze acne to prevent infection.

Calling to see psychological character

Calling to see psychological character

Many small actions can polish a person’s character, psychology, so how to look at the psychological character from the way of calling.

  1. When talking on the phone while walking, I never like to sit in the same position and like to walk around the room.

Kinds of people are very curious, like new things, and hate any rigid work.

  2. Hand-painted graffiti type While talking, writing on paper. Sometimes these people have artistic talents and temperament, and they are fantasy and impractical.

However, their unique pleasant and optimistic personality makes them often easier to make breakthroughs.

  3, leisure and comfortable type when sitting or lying down comfortably on the phone, a calm and calm, life calm and calm, the top surface of Taishan does not change color.

  4. Replace the hand with a shoulder. They like to clip the handset between their hands and shoulders.

Such people are cautious in nature, they must consider everything carefully before making a decision. They are careful about the army and rarely make mistakes.

  5, bland, no strange type of people without special habits, all actions are out of nature.

They are friendly by nature, confident and confident in their lives, and they can stretch and bend.

  6. While talking on the phone with one heart and two purposes, often do trivial things, organize stationery, wipe desks, etc.

Such people are enterprising, value time, and fight every second.

  7. Hold on to the lower end of the handset while holding the lower end.

This kind of person looks like timid and docile on the outside, but in fact, he has a strong personality. No matter what he does to others, once he makes up his mind, he will never change.

  8. Use the pen to refer to the type of the round pen in the grip to dial the number category. People are more impatient, often in a state of tension, and do not let themselves have a moment.

  9, words around the finger-type phone line constantly playing with this kind of life-like open-minded, cynical, the sky fell when it was covered, very happy.

Don’t try 4 kinds of weight loss methods.


Don’t try 4 kinds of weight loss methods.


Japanese movie star Miyazawa Rie used this method to lose weight, which led to anorexia, and healed after many years of treatment.

Method: According to the principle of 鈥淓ating is equal to not eating鈥? we must first eat nine to ten percent, then 鈥渟nap鈥?the throat to spit it out.

The food is not digested, and the body naturally cannot absorb nutrients, so it will be thin.

Effect: Some people lose 5 kilograms a month, but because of stomach acidosis and discomfort in the throat and teeth, it also causes the skin to become rough.

Absolutely: If you develop a habit of vomiting and vomiting, it is very likely to cause bulimia and anorexia. It is a very dangerous diet.


Water-cutting diet: the risk of dehydration and weight loss: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽?Method: Japanese boxer Wajima Ikema published the theory of ten days of water loss and weight loss of five kilograms in 1989, only when I couldn’t stand it.Drink grape juice and lemon juice.

Effect: Has anyone tried to lose 3 in 7-10 days?
4 kg, the effect is fast.

Distal: insufficient drinking water will cause the body to accumulate moisture as compensation, causing the body to accumulate more easily. The lack of drinking water may also cause disorder of the metabolic function of the human body, resulting in more energy absorption, less release, easier constipation, dry skin, etc.Severe cases may be dehydrated, so it is very dangerous.

Women who lose weight must not forget: water is the source of life, 70% of the human body is water!


Eat spicy diet: hurt the stomach, hurt the skin to lose weight: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?Method: Some people think that eating spicy can lose weight, so Dunton does not leave the spicy sauce red oil, study its “thinking depth”, originally Thailand, India, etc.The country rarely produces fat people, so it is said that this is related to their usual spicy.

Because eating spicy is easy to sweat, and eating a little bit has been surprisingly full of satiety, so there is weight loss.

Effect: About 2 months thinner?
3 kg.

Abnormal: If you eat spicy and lose weight, if you continue to lose weight, it will affect your stomach function, and you may have stomach pain or even stomach bleeding.

Some people eat spicy but have an appetite, the more they eat, and the more irritating foods will make the skin rough, so the face is covered with acne, which is definitely not worth the candle!


Smoking weight loss method: the weight loss degree of heart and lung damage: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄 Method: Take a cigarette on an empty stomach before meals, so that the stomach is uncomfortable and has no appetite to eat, so it will naturally be thin.

Because the nicotine contained in tobacco will reduce the digestive function, the human body can not effectively absorb food and nutrition, and naturally it is difficult to get fat.

It is also said that smoking is expected to reduce the taste and avoid inhibiting the contraction of the stomach during high temperature.

Effect: It can be reduced by about 3 kg in two months.

Distal: In addition to harming cardiopulmonary function, smoking on an empty stomach may cause vasospasm in the stomach and may cause gastritis.

And smoking damages the skin, it is a beautiful enemy of the skin.